The Haunted House

When the children gathered ‘round the fire,

Stories were told that were quite dire.

About the house that stood on the hill,

Shrouded in fog and October chill.

A full moon completed the scene,

Scaring kids, tempting teens.

This night, above all, they drew near,

To prove that they held no fear.

The boldest among them charged ahead,

Ignoring any thoughts of dread.

Across the porch and through the door,

What they saw chilled them to their core.

A ghostly scene of past crimes,

They’d heard the stories a million times.

A simple step into that room,

And they felt impending doom.

They turned and ran from that place,

Fearful terror on every face.

Once more, that house up on the hill,

Caused many a Halloween chill.

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