Perfect Christmas

The snow still falling from the sky,

You turn and look him in the eye.

It’s good we stayed in all day,

This storm just never went away.

You cuddle with him by the fire,

The man that you love and desire.

Christmas lights flicker on the tree,

The house as quiet as can be.

You planned to visit your mom and dad,

But the snow was just too bad.

A day for just him and you,

Without much to do.

Gifts for him, and some for you,

A quiet dinner just for two.

Now you lay back in his arms,

And melt beneath his sexy charms.

You hope things will always stay,

Just like this perfect Christmas Day.

It’s Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve, I’ve gone to bed,

Thoughts of presents in my head.

I slowly drift off to sleep,

Buried under covers, deep.

In my dreams, I see a sky,

Where magical reindeer fly.

Santa Claus shouts “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

To all on the land below.

On each roof, he does stop,

And leaves his sleigh with a hop.

Visiting all the good girls and boys,

Leaving them treats or clothes or toys.

Noises penetrate my sleeping head,

My two brothers jump on my bed.

I unwillingly start to wake,

It’s 5 am for goodness sake.

Awake, now, we go to see,

What is under our Christmas Tree.

Let Christmas Into Your Heart

The blizzard blanketed our tiny town,

Shutting each and every road down.

It’s Christmas Eve, no one’s around,

The howling wind is the only sound.

The tinsel sparkles silver and gold,

The fire warms us from the cold.

We talked deep into the night,

Then a strange sound gave us a fright.

Up on the roof, out in the snow,

The tinkling of bells and a “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

Our fire blinked out, replaced by the sight,

Of a man dressed in red with a long beard of white.

I squeezed the hand of the boy by my side,

I looked at him, his eyes opened wide.

I knew that he saw the same thing as me,

And we both knew that this just couldn’t be.

Before our wondering eyes, in a blink,

The man dressed in red gave us a wink.

He put presents from his sack under our tree,

Then with a smile, he looked right at me.

Young man, I know your belief is no more,

That you think Christmas is simply a bore.

Christmas is more than the gifts that I bring,

It’s a time for hope and to let love ring.

Then as Santa turned to go,

He gave me a gift, wrapped in a bow.

Then he was gone, in a flash,

The fireplace empty, except for the ash.

Hearing a clip and a clop over my head,

I knew that Santa had returned to his sled.

I knew he’d gone on to some other place,

And a happy smile appeared on my face.

Tears streamed from my eyes, I knew this was the start,

I knew I’d let Christmas back into my heart.

The Happy Grinch

The Who’s down in Whoville are to blame,

For the Grinch’s evil fame.

They bullied him all through school,

Made him feel just like a fool.

The Who’s deserved just what they got,

When the Grinch hatched his evil plot.

But the Grinch, down at his core,

Wasn’t evil, he was so much more.

So, he returned all the toys,

To the Who girls and boys.

They said his heart grew three sizes that day,

But, to me, it was always that way.

Through all their taunts and jeers,

The Grinch was full of Christmas cheer.

The Christmas Tree

We gathered ‘round the tree, so tall,

And watched as dad made it fall.

We tied it to the roof of our car,

And brought it to our house, not far.

Into the house, we bring the tree,

Setting it up, happy as can be.

The tinsel and garland are red and gold,

Many decorations, both new and old.

Strings of lights, twinkling bright,

The angel on top brings Heaven’s light.

Our Christmas tree is now complete,

So, we sit down and put up our feet.

We look and enjoy what we have done,

Then get ready for more Christmas fun.

Words of Love

If well wishes are in your heart,

Does it matter with which words you start?

If Merry Christmas is what you say,

Or if you wish a Happy Holiday.

If a word choice makes you mad,

It is for you that I am sad.

Christmas is about joy and love,

And that special gift from up above.

Don’t let words ruin your mood,

Or haters that are just plain rude.

Keep those you love close to you,

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday, too!!! 

The Naughty List

Santa smiled to himself,

At the scurrying of each elf.

Christmas Eve had come at last,

Now things needed to move fast.

Around the world in one night,

Every year a record flight.

Nine little reindeer, a big bag of toys,

For all the good girls and boys.

A sack full of coal was what he had,

If those kids had been bad.

Santa hated the Naughty List,

He scowled and shook one red-gloved fist.

He took out his magical pen,

Crossed off three names, circled ten.

Some kids just needed to believe,

So, he’d grant them a reprieve.

Instead of coal, they’d get to see,

A glimpse of Santa by their tree.

The sleigh was packed, time to go,

Santa took off with a Ho! Ho! Ho!

The Food at Christmas

A snowflake landed on my nose,

Chilling me down to my toes.

I’d go in by the fire,

But the guy that I desire.

Likes to play out in the snow,

Why he does this, I just don’t know.

Sledding, skiing, and skating too,

All the wintry things to do.

Later on, we’ll go back inside,

And under blankets, we will hide.

We’re finally warm, inside and out,

Then from the kitchen, we hear a shout.

Christmas dinner is finally done,

We’re so hungry we almost run.

After dinner, the smells take me,

Out to the kitchen where I see,

Christmas cookies piled high,

And apple, cherry, and pumpkin pie.

There’s a lot to love about Christmas Day,

Presents and family and children at play.

But I’m here to tell you,

The food ranks pretty high too.

The Christmas Spirit

Christmas comes but once a year,

Families gather from far and near.

Dinner is eaten with family and friends,

If you’re fighting, you make amends.

The holiday spirit should last the whole year through,

Keep those you love always close to you.

Remember, my friends, Christmas is but once a year,

But always keep your heart full of Christmas cheer.

I Am the Grinch

I am the Grinch,

Stealing Christmas is a cinch.

The parents angry, the children blue,

Me, here, dreaming of reindeer stew.

Into your houses, I will sneak,

All because you call me a freak.

My bag will fill with presents and toys,

No Christmas joy for girls or for boys.

In other stories, the Grinch did return,

But in MY cave the toys will burn.

So, if you want joy this Christmas Day,

If you want this Grinch to stay away,

Be nice to all, do what is right,

Now Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!