First Love

The enchanting touch of first love,

his hand fits yours just like a glove.

Though youthful fire ignited the flame,

you both know that this is no game.

The passion that you feel is so real,

and you cherish each moment that you steal.

You yearn for more than just a kiss,

imagining faraway days of wedded bliss.

You melt beneath his tender touch,

you know you love him oh so much.

Some say that you’re young and you should roam,

But in his arms, you know you’ve found home.

Love Has No Gender

Love has no gender, no reason or rhyme.

Love is just love, it is not a crime.

Don’t let bullies or bigots ruin your life.

If you’re a girl, you can have a wife.

Boys can love boys, yes, it is true,

And don’t forget transgenders, they matter, too.

There are more options than I can name,

No two people are exactly the same.

Love is love, remember that’s true,

Keep your heart open and love will find you.

Love is Love

His loving touch warms my skin.

This is love, it is not sin.

People hate that we are gay.

I wish that they’d just go away.

We are happy, can’t they see?

Can’t they just let us be?

Love is love, it is true.

But some just don’t have a clue.

Why do they bother us?

Why must they cause a fuss?

Religion is just the ruse

that the haters like to use.

They would hate us anyway,

just because we are gay.

They will never make us split.

In my hand, his does fit.

A look from him and I do swoon.

I would bring him the shining moon.

No matter what they try to do,

I’ll still tell him, “I love you!”

The Way You Look at Me

I can see by the way you look at me,

That our love is not what you see.

I no longer believe your pretty lies,

When I see no love held in your eyes.

I would still get the moon for you,

To know you wouldn’t, makes me blue.

You break my heart every day,

But it breaks worse to go away.

I’m not strong enough to walk out the door,

Knowing it would be forevermore.

Your heart has moved on from me,

I guess it’s time to set you free.

I’ll always remember the love we had,

I’ll cherish the good and forgive the bad.

The Train Ride

The train whistle blows all night long,

Singing such a sad and lonely song.

I ride the rails here and there.

I think I’ve been everywhere.

Most days I travel all alone,

then a message appeared on my phone.

“I’m on the train, the one that you

said you ride. Car twenty-two.”

I read the message, then read it again,

it was my favorite internet friend.

I walked up to him, squealed in delight,

then I hugged him, oh so tight.

He has curly hair and steel grey eyes,

and a smile that can mesmerize.

We talked all night and into the day,

I ask him how long that he will stay.

He said with sadness, “Alas, I cannot.

I can’t stay for long in this spot.

There is another I’m looking to meet,

someone else I’m looking to greet.”

With that, I knew where his journey would end,

and I wished good luck to my internet friend.

End of Darkness

The darkness grips my very soul,

my heart just a blackened hole.

Even in the brightest light,

darkness wins every fight.

All the thoughts that fill my head:

stress, worry, and anxious dread.

Surrounded by many a friendly face,

I still feel alone and out of place.

I don’t know what to do

to stop feeling so blue.

Then you’re there, a light in my dark,

and there’s the start of a tiny spark.

The spark grows day by day,

and I hope you’ll always stay.

My sad heart begins to heal,

and I start to finally feel

more than just worry and dread,

happy thoughts invade my head.

You chased the darkness from my soul,

and made my heart completely whole.

Healing Heart

You cried when I walked out the door,

You begged me to stay just one day more.

I said that’s something I can’t do,

I just can’t stay here with you.

I had to leave, had to say good bye,

Before I, too, broke down and cried.

I knew the truth, you don’t love me,

So, I had to set you free.

To see you with another guy,

Broke my heart, made me cry.

Years have healed the hurt and pain,

I’ve even learned to love again.

I don’t regret the time we shared,

I know you loved me, I know you cared.

You moved on, I had to, too,

But part of me still loves you.


Gargoyle skin is made of stone,

Covering up their sinew and bone.

All through the day, they make not a sound,

When darkness falls, they leap to the ground.

Gargoyles may play a trick or cause a fight,

But some just dance in the bright moonlight.

If you’re out at night and you see,

Gargoyles everywhere, running free.

Don’t you dare stop and stare,

They can kill you with just a glare.

As fast as you can, run away,

You won’t be safe until the light of day.

All through the night, they are sinew and bone,

But in the light, gargoyles are just stone.

My Goal

My love for you burns bright,

Filling up the darkest night.

Your heart, cold like the sea,

Even when you look at me.

Someone else hurt you deep,

All you do is sit and weep.

I try my best to dry your tears,

And comfort all your many fears.

Your heart, unbroken, is my goal,

I love you with all my heart and soul.

Stressful Day

Thoughts of you filled his mind,

As his stressful day unwinds.

A text or two and you’re there,

Running your fingers through his hair.

A word of love, a gentle kiss,

You turn his stress into bliss.

Hand in hand, you stroll the beach,

Never stopping until you reach,

The favorite spot for you two,

A quiet place for him and you.

You lay your head against his chest,

Glad you’re away from all the rest.

You wait to see what tonight may bring,

A quiet talk or other things.