Fake Friends

Your fake smile holds no joy,

such a mean and nasty boy.

You call us the best of friends,

but the bullying just never ends.

As a friend you’re just bad.

Talking to you makes me mad.

Friends should comfort you when you cry.

They do not ridicule your reasons why.

We’ve been friends for many a year,

but you’ve seldom brought me cheer.

So, the time has come for me to say,

my former friend, please go away.

The Dreamer Awakes

Rain beat down on the ground,

Lightning flashed all around.

I sat and watched it all in awe,

Wandering mind, slackened jaw.

The storm is filled with such great power,

Chasing people inside, making animals cower.

A storm this size causes great stress,

Lightning and wind creating a mess.

For now, the rain eases my mind,

I slip away from the daily grind.

Slowly drifting off to sleep,

Dreaming dreams, counting sheep.

In my dreams, we all get along,

No death, no war, nothing wrong.

Thunder booms, causing me to wake,

My dream wasn’t real, I begin to shake.

Why can’t peace really be true?

I hang my head, feeling blue.

But a new thought won’t let me be,

Maybe my dreams begin with me.

I’ll live my life to honor the land,

If I see a wrong, I’ll make a stand.

I can’t change everyone’s heart,

But even one will be a start.


Its springtime now and you know,

Things will soon start to grow.

The snow is finally in the past,

The freezing cold cannot last.

Shovels and sleds neatly stacked,

Coats and hats have been packed.

All the trees are turning green.

Flowers and plants can be seen,

In the fields and in your yard.

So, you best be on your guard.

With new growth, comes the bees,

Buzzing around flowers and trees.

Sunny days on the way,

Warmth is here to stay.

You prepare your picnic things,

And all that summertime brings.

Summer though is not quite here,

Let springtime bring some cheer.

Forever Love

There’s this guy that I know,

Who causes my face to glow.

My heart skips many a beat,

My body feels like fire’s heat.

Thinking back to the day we met,

I’d never known true love yet.

That day I just thought him nice,

My heart was trapped in frigid ice.

I thought I only wanted a friend,

But thoughts of others began to end.

My frozen heart, still wrapped in chains,

Of a lost love that caused much pain.

Then one day he pulled me near,

And whispered something in my ear.

I looked at him with questioning eyes,

His smiling face held no disguise.

His desire was plain to see,

He leaned in, gently kissed me.

He held me close, hands on my hips,

Heat spread through me from his lips.

My icy heart melted, the chains fell away,

I knew in his arms is where I would  stay.

In that moment, I instantly knew,

Now until forever, I’ll never be blue.

Little Catfish

Little catfish, how you swim,

Changing your name on a whim.

The pics you choose are so neat,

A winning smile that can’t be beat.

It’s too bad that they’re not you,

You make your victims oh so blue.

Little catfish, please go away,

Find somewhere else to swim and play.

Finally Spring

The warmth of the sun upon your face,

flowers appearing all over the place.

Spring is finally here,

a time that you hold so dear.

Winter snow has melted away,

cold weather once again at bay.

Your thoughts turn to warmer things,

and all that summertime brings.

But for now, there’s work to do,

rake the yard and pull weeds, too.

Plant the garden, mow the grass,

help your mom, don’t give her sass.

Your brothers help to get things done,

now you all can have some fun.

You ride your bikes and enjoy the day,

glad that summer is not far away.

The King

Screams of terror filled the air,

chaos reigned at the county fair.

Dragon fire burned each place,

even many a helpless face.

The dragon rampaged through the town,

knocking every building down.

The people tried their best to flee,

but many never ever got free.

Then one boy stood to fight,

he did not fear the dragon’s might.

The boy looked, and he finally found,

a bow and arrows upon the ground.

He picked up the bow, dropped to one knee,

pulled back an arrow and let it fly free.

The arrow flew just like a dart,

and struck the dragon in the heart.

The dragon fell right to the ground,

never making another sound.

The townspeople could now return,

and try to save what did not burn.

The town, once small, now grew and grew,

becoming a town that everyone knew.

Though the boy did not seek fame,

a king is what he soon became.