Are we falling in love or falling apart?

Let me know so I can tell my heart.

One touch from you makes my heart race,

But too soon there’s a tear on my face.

With you, there’s a lot of ups and downs,

A million smiles, a billion frowns.

I’m not sure how much I can take,

How many times can one heart break?

I love you more than I can say,

But I’m not sure if you’ll stay.

Please tell me and tell my tender heart,

Are we falling in love or falling apart?


The snow falling all around,

His touch made my heart pound.

He said he’d soon have to go,

Before he couldn’t drive through the snow.

I smiled and softly asked him to stay,

Why should we ruin a perfect day?

He pulled me close and kissed my lips,

As my hands found his slim hips.

He brushed the snowflakes from my hair,

And told me just how much he cares.

He said he loves my heart and soul,

And I make him completely whole.

I said I feel the same as you,

And I think our love is true.

Back inside, warmed by the fire,

Our eyes burning with desire.

This night was definitely not over yet,

A Christmas Eve we won’t soon forget.

Sad No More

He sat alone, so very sad,

One friend and he’d be glad.

He held back tears, refusing to cry,

He just wished that he knew why.

Why did they hate him so?

Their reasons, he didn’t know.

He used to be their true friend,

Why oh why did it simply end?

He hated to be always alone,

Sitting with just his phone.

He heard a sound, looked in surprise,

And saw a pair of beautiful eyes.

The eyes, a dark chocolate brown,

Belonged to a boy who did not frown.

The new boy sat down in a chair,

And began talking, without a care.

A smile crossed the first boy’s face,

And his lonely heart began to race.

Maybe this boy could be the one,

To turn his sad days into fun.

The lunch bell rang, he turned to go,

Newfound happiness starting to show.

A Band of Gold

He slipped the ring into place,

Tears streaming down my face.

Just a single band of gold,

But the act was so bold.

He vowed to be there for me,

From today until eternity.

We held hands and said, “I do,”

In front of friends and family, too.

Some think they should not allow,

Gay couples to make this vow.

They say it’s a sin against God above,

But I think He’d agree, love is love.

So, if you find a love that’s true,

Ignore the hate and say, “I do.”

My Sweet Friend

I want to hold you against my chest,

And protect you from all the rest.

Hold you until your teardrops dry,

Make you smile and not cry.

I know that you’ve been hurt so deep,

It hurts me so, to see you weep.

I wish that I could take your pain,

Heal your heart and free your brain.

This whole thing is very rough,

But I know that you can be tough.

Lean on me if you need to,

Until you’re not feeling blue.

I’ll be right here until the end,

I love you lots, my sweet friend.

Not Too Long

Sometimes I think I’ve lived too long,

Everything right has gone so wrong.

There should be a way to restart,

My tired, aching, broken heart.

Then his smile turned my head,

Maybe my heart is not dead.

He says “hi,” my knees go weak.

This could be the thing I seek.

His touch lights my skin on fire,

Our eyes filled with hot desire.

Maybe things have not gone wrong,

And I have not lived too long.