Monster! Monster! Why are you there?

Under my bed, with your claws and your hair.

You fill me with so much dread,

Every time I go to my bed.

I hear your claws scrape on the floor,

As I race to my bed from the door.

Your growling and snarling keep me awake,

Until sleep overcomes my frightened shakes.

I am told that you’re not real,

But that is not what I feel.

I have proof that you exist,

But adults can’t see through your magical mist.

The fear you cause must come to a stop,

But I know I can’t call a cop.

So, to bring you to your grisly end,

I’ve made the monster in the closet my best friend.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

We Monsters drink from the Fountain of Youth

I know that seems a bit uncouth

We need to stay young and fresh

To take juicy bites from your flesh

The Snake in the Grass slithers away

As I look up from 50 Shades of Gray

I do my best to look mysterious

And some clown says, “Why so Serious?

The serum wears off, I transform back to hero

A Day in the Life of My Alter-ego.