The Mask

When the dead rise to walk the land,

Some will think it a sign, so grand.

But I am here to say to you,

Think a moment before you say it’s true.

What if the dead had never died?

What if they laughed at the tears you cried?

What if they were always one big fake,

Causing drama for attention’s sake?

Four faces but just one mask,

One evil man, one evil task.

Someday soon the mask will fall,

And he’ll be known by one and all.

Sister, Sister

(As written by Michael Myers)

Sister, sister, right from the start,

I’ve wanted to stab you in the heart.

So many others have got in the way,

But, with my knife, I did slay.

The end is finally coming near.

Sister, sister, don’t you fear.

All those years you’d run and hide,

And the doctors locked me deep inside.

No more running, no more chains,

Sister, sister, there’ll be no pain.

This Halloween night you’ll be with me,

And our deaths shall set us free.

The Haunted House

When the children gathered ‘round the fire,

Stories were told that were quite dire.

About the house that stood on the hill,

Shrouded in fog and October chill.

A full moon completed the scene,

Scaring kids, tempting teens.

This night, above all, they drew near,

To prove that they held no fear.

The boldest among them charged ahead,

Ignoring any thoughts of dread.

Across the porch and through the door,

What they saw chilled them to their core.

A ghostly scene of past crimes,

They’d heard the stories a million times.

A simple step into that room,

And they felt impending doom.

They turned and ran from that place,

Fearful terror on every face.

Once more, that house up on the hill,

Caused many a Halloween chill.

Corn Maze Kiss

My first date with this guy,

A nervous wreck, I am so shy.

Lost in his eyes and the maze,

My first kiss, I was amazed.

His lips lit my soul on fire,

My pulse raced higher and higher.

We heard voices and had to part,

The end for now, but just the start.


Monster! Monster! Why are you there?

Under my bed, with your claws and your hair.

You fill me with so much dread,

Every time I go to my bed.

I hear your claws scrape on the floor,

As I race to my bed from the door.

Your growling and snarling keep me awake,

Until sleep overcomes my frightened shakes.

I am told that you’re not real,

But that is not what I feel.

I have proof that you exist,

But adults can’t see through your magical mist.

The fear you cause must come to a stop,

But I know I can’t call a cop.

So, to bring you to your grisly end,

I’ve made the monster in the closet my best friend.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

We Monsters drink from the Fountain of Youth

I know that seems a bit uncouth

We need to stay young and fresh

To take juicy bites from your flesh

The Snake in the Grass slithers away

As I look up from 50 Shades of Gray

I do my best to look mysterious

And some clown says, “Why so Serious?

The serum wears off, I transform back to hero

A Day in the Life of My Alter-ego.