Sad No More

He sat alone, so very sad,

One friend and he’d be glad.

He held back tears, refusing to cry,

He just wished that he knew why.

Why did they hate him so?

Their reasons, he didn’t know.

He used to be their true friend,

Why oh why did it simply end?

He hated to be always alone,

Sitting with just his phone.

He heard a sound, looked in surprise,

And saw a pair of beautiful eyes.

The eyes, a dark chocolate brown,

Belonged to a boy who did not frown.

The new boy sat down in a chair,

And began talking, without a care.

A smile crossed the first boy’s face,

And his lonely heart began to race.

Maybe this boy could be the one,

To turn his sad days into fun.

The lunch bell rang, he turned to go,

Newfound happiness starting to show.

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