Turkey Dinner

They gathered around me and chopped off my head,

They ripped out my feathers and filled me with bread.

Into the oven, I now go,

Slathered in butter and cilantro.

Baking in the oven for half a day,

While they are free to laugh and play.

Moved to the table, I see the knife,

Held by the farmer’s pretty wife.

I faint, glad I won’t feel,

As I become a Thanksgiving meal.

The Turkeys

One turkey said to his turkey friend,

Here he comes, this is the end.

The other turkey said with sass,

That farmer has a big fat ass.

If I jump this fence, you’ll see,

He will never catch up to me.

Over the fence, he began to run,

But then the farmer drew out his gun.

One shot later, that turkey was dead,

The farmer’s bullet in his head.

The first turkey, still in the pen,

Was sad for his former friend.

But he was still glad to say,

He’d survived Thanksgiving Day.