Summer Rain

Clouds darken the summer sky,

hiding the sun from my eye.

I gather up what I can reach,

hurrying to get off the beach.

I know the rain is almost here,

the thunder sounds all to near.

Up on my feet and off I go,

but I am still much too slow.

The sky opens, the rain pours down.

If I look up, I just might drown.

I race off the beach and to my car,

thankfully, it’s not too far.

Sudden rain ruined my day,

but it is not here to stay.

Another day will soon be here,

the sun will shine, the sky so clear.

On that day, I guarantee,

On the beach is where I’ll be.

Cold May

Dark clouds gathered in the sky,

Raindrops splashed down in my eye.

A cold wind blows in though it’s May,

Sending us inside for another day.

Why can’t summer be here,

I wish it would last all year.

Some like the changing seasons,

But I don’t like the listed reasons.

Winter sports are not for me,

I do not want to skate or ski.

I prefer the summer sun,

Swimming, tanning or a run.

The cold May clouds finally part,

I guess we’ll take that for a start.


Rain can make for a dreary day,

The sun is gone, the sky is grey.

Clouds roll in, the land goes dark,

Thunder rumbles, lightning sparks.

The wind blows, the trees shake,

Puddles form just like a lake.

Stay inside, out of the storm,

In front of the fire where it’s warm.

Winter rain is cold as ice,

Not like summer when it’s nice.

In the spring, rain brings life,

In the fall, hurricanes rain strife.

All in all, we need the rain,

Even if it may cause pain.

Though I may prefer a blue sky,

Without rain, the land would die.

Plants would wither, animals would thirst,

And that, my friends, would be the worst.

Rain can make for a dreary day,

We need it, just not every day.

The Power of Nature

The fire burned with orange light,

Reflecting off the snow of white.

The snow melted as it fell,

Over the forest of burning hell.

Fire burned quickly through the trees,

Urged on by the hefty breeze.

The air filled with thickening smoke,

Causing the animals to cough and choke.

Melting snow then created a flood,

Turning scorched earth into mud.

Nature can destroy and create,

The old forest is gone but just wait.

When winter is gone, come back in Spring,

And you’ll see many wondrous things.

Dedicated Runner

The raindrops splash on my face.

I lower my head and quicken my pace.

I curse the clouds up in the sky.

I’d hoped this storm would pass me by.

I need to finish my morning run,

and it is much easier in the sun.

I won’t let the weather slow me down,

or turn my smile into a frown.

Rain or shine, I still run.

Snow and ice, though, are no fun.

I don’t care what the weather may be,

Running makes me feel free.

It relieves my stress and clears my head,

there’s nothing I’d rather do instead.

Rain, ice, sleet, or snow,

I’ll still run, this I know.