I Am the Grinch

I am the Grinch,

Stealing Christmas is a cinch.

The parents angry, the children blue,

Me, here, dreaming of reindeer stew.

Into your houses, I will sneak,

All because you call me a freak.

My bag will fill with presents and toys,

No Christmas joy for girls or for boys.

In other stories, the Grinch did return,

But in MY cave the toys will burn.

So, if you want joy this Christmas Day,

If you want this Grinch to stay away,

Be nice to all, do what is right,

Now Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Khristoff the Red

Sit right down by the fire.

Be forewarned, the story is dire.

I’m not here to tell of the original eight,

Or the ninth reindeer who came in late.

This is a tale of a red-nosed twin,

And why he was driven out by his kin.

Rudolph is a beacon of hope, that’s true,

But I wonder if you ever knew.

There is always a balance of wrong and right,

Beware of the other who gives off red light.

I don’t mean to fill you with fear and dread,

But be on the lookout for Khristoff the Red.

The Melted Snowman

The snowman melted on the lawn,

I watched the scene with a tired yawn.

The sun was warm this winter’s day,

Melting all the snow away.

Christmastime was coming soon,

I’ve been planning since early June.

I made a list for mom and dad,

I’ve been good and not bad.

A camera lens is what I’d like,

My brother said he wants a bike.

On my list, I put some other things,

Now I’ll wait to see what Christmas brings.

I glanced back out at the snow,

Still melting, though very slow.

I do prefer the summer sun,

But snowy days can be fun.

Especially at this time of year,

Snow can add to Christmas cheer.

Fun-filled Day

The beach is a place I go,

Summertime or in the snow.

In the morning to watch the sun,

Rise in the east and then I run.

I love to run along the beach,

Headphones on, mind out of reach.

Music blaring load in my ears,

It drowns away my tears and fears.

To the lighthouse and back I go,

This is a path that I know.

I will be tired when I reach the end,

And that is what I need, my friend.

My body tired, my mind relaxed,

My tension is no longer maxed.

I jump the fence, home I go,

Smiling now but moving slow.

Showered, dressed, feeling cool,

I get ready to go to school.

Ready to go, I’m on my way,

Starting another fun-filled day.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is here again,

A time for family and for friends.

A time for hope and for peace,

A time for pumpkins and turkey grease.

A time for mom and for dad,

A time to be thankful for all we’ve had.

A time for football and for pie,

A time to laugh and to cry.

Whether they are near or far away,

I wish all my loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Turkey Dinner

They gathered around me and chopped off my head,

They ripped out my feathers and filled me with bread.

Into the oven, I now go,

Slathered in butter and cilantro.

Baking in the oven for half a day,

While they are free to laugh and play.

Moved to the table, I see the knife,

Held by the farmer’s pretty wife.

I faint, glad I won’t feel,

As I become a Thanksgiving meal.

The Turkeys

One turkey said to his turkey friend,

Here he comes, this is the end.

The other turkey said with sass,

That farmer has a big fat ass.

If I jump this fence, you’ll see,

He will never catch up to me.

Over the fence, he began to run,

But then the farmer drew out his gun.

One shot later, that turkey was dead,

The farmer’s bullet in his head.

The first turkey, still in the pen,

Was sad for his former friend.

But he was still glad to say,

He’d survived Thanksgiving Day.

Halloween Kiss

Girls never ever won my heart,

But this boy did from the start.

I never knew the reason why,

Until the day I saw this guy.

Blonde hair offset by dark eyes,

My stomach filled with butterflies.

His eyes were darker than the night,

I lost my heart without a fight.

I’m sure I’d remember it anyway,

But it happened in a strange way.

My first kiss came on Halloween,

During the year I turned thirteen.

A vampire and a pirate, in his room,

Hearts pounding, boom boom boom.

He quickly captured my first kiss,

My body tingling with new bliss.

Years of confusion melted away,

I knew for sure that I was gay.

His hands resting on my hips,

Tongue darting past my lips.

But we heard his mom call our names,

Time for candy and Halloween games.