Unbroken Heart

I have no heart, just a hole.

Empty and just as black as coal.

Did I ever have a heart?

I think I did, back at the start.

I gave it out to many guys,

Feeling happy like I could fly.

Each one that left, I felt blue.

There was only one thing I could do.

I cut my heart out of my chest.

I felt like that was for the best.

I no longer felt so sad.

But neither did I feel glad.

Then he appeared within my sight.

And filled the empty hole with light.

Bright blue eyes, golden hair.

Once again, I began to care.

He let me finally feel,

That my broken heart could heal.

New Love’s Flame

New love’s flame burns so bright.

All other thoughts take flight.

His radiant smile lights up the room.

You’re swept off your feet like by a broom.

His eyes shine like the sun.

Your heart beats like a drum.

His touch lights you on fire.

Your eyes burning with desire.

When his lips touch your skin.

Your world stops, your head spins.

Your bodies slowly entwine.

Hearts and souls also combine.

Your mind says you better stop.

Though your body wants to pop.

For this boy, you can wait.

The love you feel is that great.

With a groan you slowly part.

You know, for now, that is smart.

New love’s flame burns so bright.

Desire will own many a night.

Forever Love

There’s this guy that I know,

Who causes my face to glow.

My heart skips many a beat,

My body feels like fire’s heat.

Thinking back to the day we met,

I’d never known true love yet.

That day I just thought him nice,

My heart was trapped in frigid ice.

I thought I only wanted a friend,

But thoughts of others began to end.

My frozen heart, still wrapped in chains,

Of a lost love that caused much pain.

Then one day he pulled me near,

And whispered something in my ear.

I looked at him with questioning eyes,

His smiling face held no disguise.

His desire was plain to see,

He leaned in, gently kissed me.

He held me close, hands on my hips,

Heat spread through me from his lips.

My icy heart melted, the chains fell away,

I knew in his arms is where I would  stay.

In that moment, I instantly knew,

Now until forever, I’ll never be blue.

Sneaky Love

Love can sometimes be a sneak,

you don’t even know it’s there.

Then suddenly your knees feel weak,

and you just stop and stare.

When did this happen to me?

Why do I suddenly care

about this guy that I do see

before me with skin so fair.

I thought he was just my friend,

now love is like a glare.

I want to be with him until the end,

and run my fingers through his hair.

Thoughts of him now fill my mind,

even when he’s not there.

The love’s so bright it makes me blind,

though I still see him everywhere.

My love for him, I know is true.

I want us to be a loving pair.

Without him I’d be so blue

forever is what we’ll share.