To be insane, what does that mean?

It’s a label that can’t be seen.

Insane or schizo, weird or lazy,

So many words, it makes me crazy.

Go to the doctor, he’ll give you drugs,

Maybe the shrink will prescribe some hugs.

There are real mental health issues,

That can’t be solved by pills and tissues.

Words like wacky, crazy, or insane,

Do not help, they’re just a pain.

Help and support those in need,

Avoid labels, just do a good deed.

Alone in a Crowd

Alone in a crowd,

That describes me.

My screams are not loud,

My mind is not free.

I just don’t fit in,

With all of the rest.

I don’t like the din,

I like quiet the best.

So I stay home,

With my favorite things.

 It’s so hard to roam,

Into crowds a party brings.

Alone is not what I want to be,

So, I try not to be lonely or blue.

Someday I may beat this anxiety,

And let my true self finally shine through.

The Spinning World

The world spins inside my head,

even faster when I’m in bed.

Never ever slowing down,

I sometimes feel like I may drown.

My greatest wish is for it to stop,

before my brain decides to pop.

I need just one night to sleep,

a sleep that’s comforting and so deep.

To wake refreshed is a dream of mine,

I want to be happy and feel fine.