Ups and Downs

Life’s little ups and downs,

can turn us all into clowns.

You push away, I pull you in.

Will I lose, or will I win?

I beg and plead for you to stay.

My heart would break if you went away.

I always love more than is returned,

Too many times, my heart’s been burned.

But I can’t love with just a part,

I will always give all of my heart.


Death can come all too quick,

You don’t have to be hurt or sick.

It takes the young or the old,

Whether you be shy or bold.

You can hide your whole life through,

But death will still find you.

My advice to you is simply this,

If you have a chance at fun, don’t miss.

Enjoy your life every day,

Don’t you hide yourself away.

Death doesn’t care how fast you run,

So, stop a while and have some fun!

Our Last Embrace

I reached up, brushed the hair from his face,

As I melted into his embrace.

The sky was hidden from our view,

As the volcano began to spew.

Ash and soot filled the sky,

I held him tight, we both cried.

I tried to comfort this man I love,

As fireballs fell from up above.

I knew that the end was near,

Trying hard to show no fear.

The volcano’s wrath finally found the place,

Where we clung to our last embrace.

The Vile Creep

The darkness envelopes my very soul,

Where once sat a heart, now there’s a hole.

I thought you sweet and so cool,

Now I feel just like a fool.

A handsome shell, an inner creep,

Your hate-filled words cut me deep.

I did nothing wrong, but try to love,

I thought you were sent from up above.

Now I know you’re just vile,

But it may still take awhile

For your words to leave my brain,

And my heart to feel less pain.

A Fresh New Start

It hurts so much to know that I

Was the one who made you sad.

I never meant to make you cry,

And now I feel so bad.

The time that I spent with you,

Meant more than you can know.

I wish there was something I could do,

Or some way that I could show.

I want to take away your pain,

And heal your broken heart.

Maybe there will come a day

To make a fresh new start.

Healing Heart

You cried when I walked out the door,

You begged me to stay just one day more.

I said that’s something I can’t do,

I just can’t stay here with you.

I had to leave, had to say good bye,

Before I, too, broke down and cried.

I knew the truth, you don’t love me,

So, I had to set you free.

To see you with another guy,

Broke my heart, made me cry.

Years have healed the hurt and pain,

I’ve even learned to love again.

I don’t regret the time we shared,

I know you loved me, I know you cared.

You moved on, I had to, too,

But part of me still loves you.

My Goal

My love for you burns bright,

Filling up the darkest night.

Your heart, cold like the sea,

Even when you look at me.

Someone else hurt you deep,

All you do is sit and weep.

I try my best to dry your tears,

And comfort all your many fears.

Your heart, unbroken, is my goal,

I love you with all my heart and soul.

My Sweet Friend

I want to hold you against my chest,

And protect you from all the rest.

Hold you until your teardrops dry,

Make you smile and not cry.

I know that you’ve been hurt so deep,

It hurts me so, to see you weep.

I wish that I could take your pain,

Heal your heart and free your brain.

This whole thing is very rough,

But I know that you can be tough.

Lean on me if you need to,

Until you’re not feeling blue.

I’ll be right here until the end,

I love you lots, my sweet friend.

Unbroken Heart

I have no heart, just a hole.

Empty and just as black as coal.

Did I ever have a heart?

I think I did, back at the start.

I gave it out to many guys,

Feeling happy like I could fly.

Each one that left, I felt blue.

There was only one thing I could do.

I cut my heart out of my chest.

I felt like that was for the best.

I no longer felt so sad.

But neither did I feel glad.

Then he appeared within my sight.

And filled the empty hole with light.

Bright blue eyes, golden hair.

Once again, I began to care.

He let me finally feel,

That my broken heart could heal.

No Goodbye

It’s been a week since you were here,

No goodbye, just my tears.

I miss the jokes that we’d share,

We really were quite a pair.

I hope you’ve found a happy place,

That puts a smile on your face.

I will miss you every single day,

In my heart is where you’ll stay.