Ups and Downs

Life’s little ups and downs,

can turn us all into clowns.

You push away, I pull you in.

Will I lose, or will I win?

I beg and plead for you to stay.

My heart would break if you went away.

I always love more than is returned,

Too many times, my heart’s been burned.

But I can’t love with just a part,

I will always give all of my heart.

The Vile Creep

The darkness envelopes my very soul,

Where once sat a heart, now there’s a hole.

I thought you sweet and so cool,

Now I feel just like a fool.

A handsome shell, an inner creep,

Your hate-filled words cut me deep.

I did nothing wrong, but try to love,

I thought you were sent from up above.

Now I know you’re just vile,

But it may still take awhile

For your words to leave my brain,

And my heart to feel less pain.

My Goal

My love for you burns bright,

Filling up the darkest night.

Your heart, cold like the sea,

Even when you look at me.

Someone else hurt you deep,

All you do is sit and weep.

I try my best to dry your tears,

And comfort all your many fears.

Your heart, unbroken, is my goal,

I love you with all my heart and soul.

Unbroken Heart

I have no heart, just a hole.

Empty and just as black as coal.

Did I ever have a heart?

I think I did, back at the start.

I gave it out to many guys,

Feeling happy like I could fly.

Each one that left, I felt blue.

There was only one thing I could do.

I cut my heart out of my chest.

I felt like that was for the best.

I no longer felt so sad.

But neither did I feel glad.

Then he appeared within my sight.

And filled the empty hole with light.

Bright blue eyes, golden hair.

Once again, I began to care.

He let me finally feel,

That my broken heart could heal.

No Goodbye

It’s been a week since you were here,

No goodbye, just my tears.

I miss the jokes that we’d share,

We really were quite a pair.

I hope you’ve found a happy place,

That puts a smile on your face.

I will miss you every single day,

In my heart is where you’ll stay.


I walked out into the cold rain,

hoping it would wash away the pain.

Darkness grips my broken heart.

Words from you prick like a dart.

Love that once flamed so hot,

now it simply just does not.

Even your eyes have grown cold,

when once they were bright and bold.

It’s time that I must set you free,

and accept you don’t love me.