Ups and Downs

Life’s little ups and downs,

can turn us all into clowns.

You push away, I pull you in.

Will I lose, or will I win?

I beg and plead for you to stay.

My heart would break if you went away.

I always love more than is returned,

Too many times, my heart’s been burned.

But I can’t love with just a part,

I will always give all of my heart.

On My Sleeve

I wear my heart out on my sleeve,

please don’t squash it! Please, oh, please!

I want to wrap my arms around you tight,

when I love, it’s with all my might.

I leave myself open to crushing pain,

please don’t make my tears fall like rain.

I know I should leave my heart in my chest,

and protect myself like all the rest.

But I can’t do that! No! No! No!

If I love you, it will show.