Internet Friends

Internet friends can be quite nice,

Wit and wisdom and sage advice.

Friends from all around the world,

Time zones though make my head whirl.

Some say the friendships are not true,

But without them, I’d be blue.

I talk to them every night,

We always laugh, rarely fight.

Their friendships I know are real,

Within my heart that I feel.

Our late-night talks are quite fun,

Laughs and jokes are never done.

All in all, I want to say,

I hope they never go away.

Real or internet, a friend is a friend,

And I love my friends until the end.

My Sweet Friend

I want to hold you against my chest,

And protect you from all the rest.

Hold you until your teardrops dry,

Make you smile and not cry.

I know that you’ve been hurt so deep,

It hurts me so, to see you weep.

I wish that I could take your pain,

Heal your heart and free your brain.

This whole thing is very rough,

But I know that you can be tough.

Lean on me if you need to,

Until you’re not feeling blue.

I’ll be right here until the end,

I love you lots, my sweet friend.

Fake Friends

Your fake smile holds no joy,

such a mean and nasty boy.

You call us the best of friends,

but the bullying just never ends.

As a friend you’re just bad.

Talking to you makes me mad.

Friends should comfort you when you cry.

They do not ridicule your reasons why.

We’ve been friends for many a year,

but you’ve seldom brought me cheer.

So, the time has come for me to say,

my former friend, please go away.

Me and You

My heart would break if I lost you,

What once was bright would turn blue.

We talk and talk for hours each day,

You shine a light when my mood is grey.

We’ve never been in the same place,

Yet you’ve brought many smiles to my face.

Bestie, brother, choose one or two,

I need you here, forever me and you.

His Shining Hand

Darkness blotted out my light,

my body gripped with fright.

I had to leave that awful place,

teardrops dripping down my face.

I stumbled and fumbled along the wall,

until I heard the sweetest call.

His shining hand created the spark,

to lead me right out of the dark.

When times get tough, friendship can be,

the rock that supports both you and me.