Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is said to be,

A time for luck, bad for you and me.

There is much written about the lore,

Most of it filled with blood and gore.

Legend tells of Knights Templar,

Killed by kings from afar.

Though that part may, in fact, be true,

The day has turned to something new.

Jason Vorhees and Camp Crystal Lake,

Frighten the kids, though it’s fake.

Fact or fiction, I don’t care,

It’s fun to get a big scare.

Friday! Friday!

Friday! Friday! Where are you?

It’s only Monday and we are blue.

Mondays are just the worst!

Probably because they come first.

Friday! Friday! Are you there?

It’s Tuesday now and that’s not fair!

Tuesdays are just so bleak.

Still too early in the week.

Friday! Friday! We’re now halfway.

But the Wednesday camel is in the way.

Wednesday is not our friend.

But we are halfway to the end.

Friday! Friday! Please come here!

It’s Thursday now and we fear.

Thursday just moves so slow.

All because that we know.

Friday! Friday! You are here!

We can now finally cheer!

Saturday and Sunday are the best.

But Friday is better than the rest!