Our Last Embrace

I reached up, brushed the hair from his face,

As I melted into his embrace.

The sky was hidden from our view,

As the volcano began to spew.

Ash and soot filled the sky,

I held him tight, we both cried.

I tried to comfort this man I love,

As fireballs fell from up above.

I knew that the end was near,

Trying hard to show no fear.

The volcano’s wrath finally found the place,

Where we clung to our last embrace.

A Band of Gold

He slipped the ring into place,

Tears streaming down my face.

Just a single band of gold,

But the act was so bold.

He vowed to be there for me,

From today until eternity.

We held hands and said, “I do,”

In front of friends and family, too.

Some think they should not allow,

Gay couples to make this vow.

They say it’s a sin against God above,

But I think He’d agree, love is love.

So, if you find a love that’s true,

Ignore the hate and say, “I do.”

Me and You

My heart would break if I lost you,

What once was bright would turn blue.

We talk and talk for hours each day,

You shine a light when my mood is grey.

We’ve never been in the same place,

Yet you’ve brought many smiles to my face.

Bestie, brother, choose one or two,

I need you here, forever me and you.