Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl is here today,

A fun filled day is on its way.

Long before the parties start,

Snacks are piled upon bench and cart.

The pizza ordered, the wings cooked,

The cheesy bread won’t be overlooked.

Everyone gathers at your place,

A friendly smile on every face.

They all wonder which team will lose,

Asking you who you did choose.

Your dad starts a Super Bowl pool,

Collecting money from every fool.

You put your money into the pot,

Then check to see which block you got.

The pre-game begins on tv,

You sit down right next to me.

I no longer care which team wins,

With you this close, my head spins.

I try concentrating upon the game,

Finally knowing you feel the same.

I feel your hand within mine,

I hold tight, our fingers entwine.

At halftime, we both watch with awe,

The show goes on without a flaw.

The game returns, our team behind,

Momentum now, we hope to find.

Our team rushes for a score,

The tension now is much more.

Their quarterback drops back to pass,

Our team knocks him on his ass.

The ball pops loose, rolls around,

Our player picks it off the ground.

He scores, and we take the lead,

That was just what we need.

Your hand is back in mine,

It makes me feel oh so fine.

Your hand fits mine just like a glove,

You are the one who I love.

The game is over, our team won,

The commercials were also fun.

From you, I steal one quick kiss,

The day was perfect, I couldn’t resist.

The time has come for me to go,

I pull you aside to let you know.

The Super Bowl was super fun,

Pizza and snacks for everyone.

Jokes and laughs all day long,

Everything right, nothing wrong.

You, though, made my day complete,

Time with you just can’t be beat.

The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is here again,

And the parties will soon begin.

Pizza, snacks, and buffalo wings,

Garlic bread and cheesy things.

Some watch previews all day long,

Deciding who is right or wrong.

The game begins, we gather round,

Hoping our team holds their ground.

In between, the commercials run,

This year, they are loads of fun.

The halftime show is a blast,

Better than those in the past.

The second half starts out slow,

For right now the score is low.

The game is over, and we find,

The score for us is not unkind.

Not only did our team win,

We also won the pool we’re in.

The Super Bowl was quite a show,

We had lots of fun, this I know.