Father’s Day

I will never forget the day,

That you suddenly went away.

I never knew that it could come so quick,

You were never ever even sick.

I was merely a boy, barely eighteen,

No experience, still so green.

Just starting to learn from you,

The things in life I had to do.

Why hadn’t I listened before,

Thinking you just a big ole bore.

Now I try to copy the way,

You got things done every day.

If I could have one more chance,

To learn from you, life’s big dance.

I would appreciate every moment we had,

Because I love and miss you, Dad.

A Father’s Love

A father’s love is the one,

That is hardest when you’re his son.

He wants you to be big and tough,

And if you’re not then he is gruff.

I will always remember the day,

I told my dad that I was gay.

He wasn’t happy, that is true,

I could see that he was blue.

But he hugged me so very tight,

And he told me that it’s alright.

There were days he’d treat me bad,

And that made me so very sad.

A father’s love may seem to go,

The love they feel may not show.

But I think that it’s still there,

I hope it is and that they care.

A father’s love can be the one,

You cherish most when you’re his son.