The Spider’s Web

The spider’s web stuck to my skin,

But the fear, I would not let in.

A hundred eyes stared at me,

I tried to run but could not flee.

The web held me, stuck in place,

As the spider crawled towards my face.

I’ve never seen a spider so large,

Nearly as big as a fishing barge.

It’s venomous fangs, three feet long,

Eight hairy legs muscled and strong.

Then a noise caused me to shake,

My alarm buzzed, and I did wake.

It was a dream, I’m safe in my bed,

Halloween thoughts drifting through my head.

The Dreamer Awakes

Rain beat down on the ground,

Lightning flashed all around.

I sat and watched it all in awe,

Wandering mind, slackened jaw.

The storm is filled with such great power,

Chasing people inside, making animals cower.

A storm this size causes great stress,

Lightning and wind creating a mess.

For now, the rain eases my mind,

I slip away from the daily grind.

Slowly drifting off to sleep,

Dreaming dreams, counting sheep.

In my dreams, we all get along,

No death, no war, nothing wrong.

Thunder booms, causing me to wake,

My dream wasn’t real, I begin to shake.

Why can’t peace really be true?

I hang my head, feeling blue.

But a new thought won’t let me be,

Maybe my dreams begin with me.

I’ll live my life to honor the land,

If I see a wrong, I’ll make a stand.

I can’t change everyone’s heart,

But even one will be a start.