Silver and Gold

The tree is covered with silver and gold,

Everyone is happy, both young and old.

Christmas has almost come to an end,

New Years is now right ’round the bend.

The kids have put the presents away in their rooms,

The parents have cleaned the kitchen with brooms.

The table is clear from plates of food,

Board games and cards lighten the mood.

The family is happy, no one gets mad,

The holiday season makes everyone glad.

Red Death

Charlie pulled the parka tighter around his slim body and ran through the blinding snow. He was the only one left now. He didn’t see what took his friends, all he saw was a bright red flash of light then the screams. Screams that he knew he would never forget. That red light, could the legends be true? He pushed the thought from his mind and ran on.

Finally! He saw the soft warm glow of the light in the cabin window. Only fifty yards more. He pushed himself to ran faster. Wham! He felt something heavy slam into his back, knocking him face first into the snow. He groggily turned over and his eyes widened in shock and fear.

The legend was true. It made a weird kind of sense, he thought. Rudolph existed, so why not his evil twin? For every beacon of hope and light in the world there also existed a beacon of despair and darkness. That was what Charlie faced now.

He got to his feet and started backing away from the pawing, growling reindeer. Just when he thought he escape into the cabin, the reindeer’s red nose glowed bright. Surprised by the unexpected light, Charlie raised his arms to shield his eyes. The last thing he felt was the reindeer’s razor-sharp antlers piercing his body.

Khristoff, the Red-nosed Terror of the North had claimed yet another victim.

Florida Christmas

The boy kicked the sand beneath his feet,

Cursing the steamy Florida heat.

He used to love this time of year,

But now he’d lost his holiday cheer.

He didn’t want to celebrate on a beach,

His Christmas spirit seemed out of reach.

Then something hit him just like a dart,

Something that woke his sleeping heart.

Another boy walked up with a grin,

And said, a friendship we should begin.

This boy knew nothing of snowflakes,

On Christmas, his dad would grill some steaks.

And yet, this boy might be the one,

To brighten Christmas and make it fun.

Together, they combined what they knew,

And, as they worked, their friendship grew.

They turned the beach into a winter wonderland,

And celebrated Christmas hand in hand.