Bond of Brothers

A brother can be good or bad,

Having two can drive you mad.

But I would never say,

That I want them to go away.

Fun and games all day long,

Banding together if things go wrong.

That is what brothers do,

I can surely say that’s true.

I won’t say we never fight,

But the brother bond is very tight.

We can fight with each other,

But don’t you dare touch my brother.

As days and months turn into years,

And we leave behind childhood fears.

When toys are gone, and life is the game,

Our brother bond will be the same.


Hanging out with my brother

Is great fun like no other.

Not just one, I have two,

triple the fun for me and you.

Sports, cards, or a video game.

Fun will be had, all the same.

We may fight but we unite,

our brother bond is that tight.

If you try to mess with me,

you must always mess with three.

I do love my mom and dad,

and having sisters makes me glad.

But this I have to say,

whether we fight or if we play,

if we’re home or at the school,

acting normal or like a fool,

if trouble comes and times seem black,

a brother will always have your back!

In the end, there is no other,

like the love of a brother.

The Sound of Silence

Silence makes an eerie sound,

When you’re alone, no one around.

Your house is normally full of noise,

Barking dogs and rowdy boys.

But this night, it’s just you,

Sitting in silence, nothing to do.

You could watch the tv,

Or listen to music on MP3.

But for now you just sit,

And rest your tired brain a bit.

Far too soon they will be here,

Charging in with whoops and cheers.

So, you enjoy the silence while you can,

Who knows when it’ll come again.

The silence disappears as your brothers arrive,

The house, again, a buzzing hive.