Man’s Best Friend

The pitter patter of little feet,

running down the hall to meet

me at the door each day,

takes a ton of stress away.

How can you think of school,

when you’re covered in dog drool?

Percy has been with me,

since I was only three.

Every night he lays his head,

at the foot of my bed.

Annabeth soon was there,

they are like a matching pair.

Anna took to my brother,

like there was no other.

Kam and Anna would never stay

still for long, they’d always play.

Next came Niko to the troupe,

three boys, three dogs, what a group!

They say dogs are man’s best friend,

I will believe that until the end!

Daniel, My Brother

I love you more than you’ll ever know,

And it hurts me when you’re feeling low.

You’re the best friend that I’ve ever had,

And I never want to see you sad.

More than a friend, you are my brother,

I’ll fix your mood with a smother.

I’ll give you a hug and kiss on the cheek,

And lend you my strength when you feel weak.

I hope we stay together all through the years,

To help each other past all of our fears.

Daniel, my brother, I love you,

With all my heart, this is true.

Me and You

My heart would break if I lost you,

What once was bright would turn blue.

We talk and talk for hours each day,

You shine a light when my mood is grey.

We’ve never been in the same place,

Yet you’ve brought many smiles to my face.

Bestie, brother, choose one or two,

I need you here, forever me and you.

New Friends

The boy sat out in the grass,

Watching each car quickly pass.

He didn’t know why he had no fun,

Ignored by parents and everyone.

One teardrop slipped from his eye,

He clenched his fists, he would not cry.

He stood and cursed the next car,

Though his voice did not travel far.

He never left his yard until this day,

But right now, he could not stay.

He kicked the dirt and walked up the street,

Until his wandering eye did meet.

He could not believe what he did see,

He thought to himself “that could be me”.

Another boy sat upon the grass,

Watching each car quickly pass.

The first boy stopped and sat down,

A smile replacing his weary frown.

The two boys talked all day long,

A brand-new friendship, starting strong.