Bond of Brothers

A brother can be good or bad,

Having two can drive you mad.

But I would never say,

That I want them to go away.

Fun and games all day long,

Banding together if things go wrong.

That is what brothers do,

I can surely say that’s true.

I won’t say we never fight,

But the brother bond is very tight.

We can fight with each other,

But don’t you dare touch my brother.

As days and months turn into years,

And we leave behind childhood fears.

When toys are gone, and life is the game,

Our brother bond will be the same.

The Spider’s Web

The spider’s web stuck to my skin,

But the fear, I would not let in.

A hundred eyes stared at me,

I tried to run but could not flee.

The web held me, stuck in place,

As the spider crawled towards my face.

I’ve never seen a spider so large,

Nearly as big as a fishing barge.

It’s venomous fangs, three feet long,

Eight hairy legs muscled and strong.

Then a noise caused me to shake,

My alarm buzzed, and I did wake.

It was a dream, I’m safe in my bed,

Halloween thoughts drifting through my head.

Internet Friends

Internet friends can be quite nice,

Wit and wisdom and sage advice.

Friends from all around the world,

Time zones though make my head whirl.

Some say the friendships are not true,

But without them, I’d be blue.

I talk to them every night,

We always laugh, rarely fight.

Their friendships I know are real,

Within my heart that I feel.

Our late-night talks are quite fun,

Laughs and jokes are never done.

All in all, I want to say,

I hope they never go away.

Real or internet, a friend is a friend,

And I love my friends until the end.

Here in New England

The frost crackled under my feet,

What a change from summer’s heat.

The leaves are falling from the trees,

Drifting slowly on autumn’s breeze.

Winter’s chill will soon be here,

Bringing snow and Christmas cheer.

Next comes spring and the rain,

Washing away the cold, icy pain.

Summer comes back once again,

Like a favorite, lifelong friend.

Round and round the seasons go,

Here in New England they put on a show.

The Monster in My Head

There’s a monster in my head,

It killed my cat, my loyal Fred.

Soon, all the local neighbor pets,

Disappear just like casino bets.

My neighbors have blamed only me,

But it’s the monster they cannot see.

I tried to tell them to run away,

Before the monster comes out to play.

They thought they’d caught the guilty foe,

So, they didn’t turn and go.

They yelled and pushed, scaring me,

I closed my eyes, let the monster free.

The room grew quiet as a mouse,

My eyes opened to a bloody house.

All my friends, dead at my feet,

My hands covered in bloody heat.

They were right, but they should have fled,

It was always me, the monster in my head.

Time to Trick or Treat

My brother yelled with boyish glee,

That I should quickly come and see.

The costume that he’d picked to wear,

With a painted face and dirty hair.

I laughed at his zombie face.

It just seemed so out of place.

This happy boy was now a ghoul,

And he thought that was super cool.

Life-like blood dripped on his cheek,

Making me just a little weak.

I told him that he looked just great,

But, for me, he’d have to wait.

My costume is almost done,

Then we can go and have fun.

With a zombie growl, he left the room.

I heard the door slam with a boom.

I check my clothes with great care,

And try to calm my crazy hair.

My vampire costume now complete.

It is time to trick or treat.

The Werewolf

The angry mob stormed the street,

With burning torches and stomping feet.

They chased the beast through the town,

Even in buildings, upstairs and down.

He led them on a merry chase,

Never slowing his steady pace.

They finally caught him in the town square,

They saw his body was covered in hair.

The full moon shone down on them all,

They were scared but they could not stall.

They had to kill this fearsome foe,

Before he caused even more woe.

The werewolf howled and snarled at each one,

The leader of the mob drew his gun.

This gun contained a secret or two,

For, when it fired, a silver flash flew.

The silver bullet hit its mark,

And the wolf’s yellow eyes turned dark.

The mob broke up, nothing more to do,

The town now safe for me and you.

Halloween Night

Clouds covered the nighttime sky,

Hiding the witches as they fly.

Monsters rule the land this night,

Causing mayhem until daylight.

Goblins, ghosts, and zombies too,

Everything that scares me and you.

They march through the streets and knock down the doors,

They do more damage than a dozen wars.

If you’re human, stay in your house.

Stay as quiet as a mouse.

If they hear you, they’ll come quick,

And roast you like a pig on a stick.

Stay safe on this haunted Halloween night,

And you might live to see dawn’s light.

The Mask

When the dead rise to walk the land,

Some will think it a sign, so grand.

But I am here to say to you,

Think a moment before you say it’s true.

What if the dead had never died?

What if they laughed at the tears you cried?

What if they were always one big fake,

Causing drama for attention’s sake?

Four faces but just one mask,

One evil man, one evil task.

Someday soon the mask will fall,

And he’ll be known by one and all.