A Father’s Love

A father’s love is the one,

That is hardest when you’re his son.

He wants you to be big and tough,

And if you’re not then he is gruff.

I will always remember the day,

I told my dad that I was gay.

He wasn’t happy, that is true,

I could see that he was blue.

But he hugged me so very tight,

And he told me that it’s alright.

There were days he’d treat me bad,

And that made me so very sad.

A father’s love may seem to go,

The love they feel may not show.

But I think that it’s still there,

I hope it is and that they care.

A father’s love can be the one,

You cherish most when you’re his son.

The Homerun

Baseball is the sport I love,

Bats and balls, a leather glove.

The field is green, the sky is blue,

The sun so bright it warms you.

You leave the bench to take your place,

In the box, you turn to face,

The pitcher who throws a curve.

You swing your bat, steel your nerve.

The crack of the bat is what you hear,

Then the crowd begins to cheer.

You flip the bat and watch the ball,

Soar towards the distant wall.

Around the bases, you do fly,

As the ball drops from the sky.

Over the wall, it does land,

More than a hit, oh so grand.

Any hit would have tied the score,

But you did so much more.

The bases were full, the game’s now won,

By your very first homerun!

Summer Rain

Clouds darken the summer sky,

hiding the sun from my eye.

I gather up what I can reach,

hurrying to get off the beach.

I know the rain is almost here,

the thunder sounds all to near.

Up on my feet and off I go,

but I am still much too slow.

The sky opens, the rain pours down.

If I look up, I just might drown.

I race off the beach and to my car,

thankfully, it’s not too far.

Sudden rain ruined my day,

but it is not here to stay.

Another day will soon be here,

the sun will shine, the sky so clear.

On that day, I guarantee,

On the beach is where I’ll be.

Happy in Love

His dark eyes look at me,

My soul is no longer free.

His shy smile melts my will,

His touch gives me chills.

His sweet voice is just like a song,

And my love for him is strong.

His arms wrap around me tight,

Letting me know all is right.

This guy and I combine as one,

Happy in love ‘til our days are done.


One is all, all is one,

Teamwork helps get things done.

Try to always keep individuality alive,

But work with others and you’ll thrive.

Stay true to your spirit and soul,

But help the group as a whole.

The world includes more than just you,

Together, there’s nothing we can’t do.

A Fresh New Start

It hurts so much to know that I

Was the one who made you sad.

I never meant to make you cry,

And now I feel so bad.

The time that I spent with you,

Meant more than you can know.

I wish there was something I could do,

Or some way that I could show.

I want to take away your pain,

And heal your broken heart.

Maybe there will come a day

To make a fresh new start.

First Love

The enchanting touch of first love,

his hand fits yours just like a glove.

Though youthful fire ignited the flame,

you both know that this is no game.

The passion that you feel is so real,

and you cherish each moment that you steal.

You yearn for more than just a kiss,

imagining faraway days of wedded bliss.

You melt beneath his tender touch,

you know you love him oh so much.

Some say that you’re young and you should roam,

But in his arms, you know you’ve found home.

Love Has No Gender

Love has no gender, no reason or rhyme.

Love is just love, it is not a crime.

Don’t let bullies or bigots ruin your life.

If you’re a girl, you can have a wife.

Boys can love boys, yes, it is true,

And don’t forget transgenders, they matter, too.

There are more options than I can name,

No two people are exactly the same.

Love is love, remember that’s true,

Keep your heart open and love will find you.

Love is Love

His loving touch warms my skin.

This is love, it is not sin.

People hate that we are gay.

I wish that they’d just go away.

We are happy, can’t they see?

Can’t they just let us be?

Love is love, it is true.

But some just don’t have a clue.

Why do they bother us?

Why must they cause a fuss?

Religion is just the ruse

that the haters like to use.

They would hate us anyway,

just because we are gay.

They will never make us split.

In my hand, his does fit.

A look from him and I do swoon.

I would bring him the shining moon.

No matter what they try to do,

I’ll still tell him, “I love you!”

The Way You Look at Me

I can see by the way you look at me,

That our love is not what you see.

I no longer believe your pretty lies,

When I see no love held in your eyes.

I would still get the moon for you,

To know you wouldn’t, makes me blue.

You break my heart every day,

But it breaks worse to go away.

I’m not strong enough to walk out the door,

Knowing it would be forevermore.

Your heart has moved on from me,

I guess it’s time to set you free.

I’ll always remember the love we had,

I’ll cherish the good and forgive the bad.