The Dreamer Awakes

Rain beat down on the ground,

Lightning flashed all around.

I sat and watched it all in awe,

Wandering mind, slackened jaw.

The storm is filled with such great power,

Chasing people inside, making animals cower.

A storm this size causes great stress,

Lightning and wind creating a mess.

For now, the rain eases my mind,

I slip away from the daily grind.

Slowly drifting off to sleep,

Dreaming dreams, counting sheep.

In my dreams, we all get along,

No death, no war, nothing wrong.

Thunder booms, causing me to wake,

My dream wasn’t real, I begin to shake.

Why can’t peace really be true?

I hang my head, feeling blue.

But a new thought won’t let me be,

Maybe my dreams begin with me.

I’ll live my life to honor the land,

If I see a wrong, I’ll make a stand.

I can’t change everyone’s heart,

But even one will be a start.


Its springtime now and you know,

Things will soon start to grow.

The snow is finally in the past,

The freezing cold cannot last.

Shovels and sleds neatly stacked,

Coats and hats have been packed.

All the trees are turning green.

Flowers and plants can be seen,

In the fields and in your yard.

So, you best be on your guard.

With new growth, comes the bees,

Buzzing around flowers and trees.

Sunny days on the way,

Warmth is here to stay.

You prepare your picnic things,

And all that summertime brings.

Summer though is not quite here,

Let springtime bring some cheer.

Finally Spring

The warmth of the sun upon your face,

flowers appearing all over the place.

Spring is finally here,

a time that you hold so dear.

Winter snow has melted away,

cold weather once again at bay.

Your thoughts turn to warmer things,

and all that summertime brings.

But for now, there’s work to do,

rake the yard and pull weeds, too.

Plant the garden, mow the grass,

help your mom, don’t give her sass.

Your brothers help to get things done,

now you all can have some fun.

You ride your bikes and enjoy the day,

glad that summer is not far away.

The Return of Spring

Spring is hiding in the trees,

Hiding from the Winter breeze.

Snow still heaped on the ground,

Not one flower can be found.

But I know Spring will soon be here,

The sun will shine, the birds will cheer.

Warmth will return to the land,

Trees and flowers looking grand.

Fresh mown grass tickles my bare feet,

As I soak in the new Spring heat.

I pick strawberries, plump and fresh,

Biting into their succulent flesh.

I pick some more, continue on my way,

Enjoying this bright, Springtime day.

Baseball in Spring

Winter snow may blanket the land,

But I think of Spring, a time so grand.

Baseball, for me, is the first sign,

The crack of the bat, a sound divine.

Pitchers and catchers have reported to work,

That Cubs fan is bragging, oh what a jerk.

Fastballs and sliders, curveballs too.

Peanuts and popcorn, bubblegum to chew.

Florida and ‘Zona are the places to be,

If baseball is what you want to see.

Players take the field, the crowds cheer,

Hoping their team will win this year.

Free agents, rookies look to impress,

The final roster is anyone’s guess.

Spring is a time for getting fit,

Work on that swing, get a big hit.

Polish that fastball, work on your curve,

Stare down the batters with a steely nerve.

Baseball means that winter is done,

Now take the field and have some fun.


The clouds blanketed the morning sky,

Hiding the sun from my eye.

The thunderhead, so dark and grey,

I knew it would be a rainy day.

Nebulous and cumulous swarmed around,

There was no blue sky to be found.

A rainy mist began to fall,

I stayed inside to avoid it all.

Maybe later I’ll go outside,

When the sun no longer hides.

I’d rather see a sky of blue,

Only marred by a puff or two.

Fluffy clouds billowing by,

Take strange shapes to you and I.

But for now I’ll stay in and sleep,

A rainy day just counting sheep.

Dedicated Runner

The raindrops splash on my face.

I lower my head and quicken my pace.

I curse the clouds up in the sky.

I’d hoped this storm would pass me by.

I need to finish my morning run,

and it is much easier in the sun.

I won’t let the weather slow me down,

or turn my smile into a frown.

Rain or shine, I still run.

Snow and ice, though, are no fun.

I don’t care what the weather may be,

Running makes me feel free.

It relieves my stress and clears my head,

there’s nothing I’d rather do instead.

Rain, ice, sleet, or snow,

I’ll still run, this I know.

Warm Winter Day

The moon was shining up above,

Our two hearts were filled with love.

We strolled along, hand in hand,

Bare feet squishing in wet sand.

The winter day warm not cold,

So, we felt we could be bold.

Walking through the ocean spray,

It’s now colder than the day.

One quick kiss beneath the sky,

Then back up the beach, we fly.

Back inside, we warm our feet,

Close to the crackling fire’s heat.

Fire in the hearth and in our hearts,

The love we feel is off the charts.

He plants kisses along my neck,

Giving me more than just one peck.

I run my fingers through his hair,

Telling him just how much I care.

One last kiss and we must part,

Me and the guy who owns my heart.

Snow Day

The snow falls softly to the ground,

A howling wind, the only sound.

A freezing chill bites through the air,

Every beast is hidden in their lair.

Me and you, warm by the fire,

Our eyes burning with desire.

Two hearts that now beat as one,

whether in the snow or in the sun.

Tomorrow we’ll go outside and play.

Snow can be fun in the light of day.

Snowmen, sledding, and other fun,

Wild snowball fights for everyone.

Good times the whole day long,

maybe even ending with a song.

Tired and happy, inside we will go,

to warm our hands with hot cocoa.

Daytime friends have now gone,

Once again, we are all alone.

By the fire, we find bliss,

With cuddles, hugs, and a gentle kiss.