Time is such a relative thing,

Depending on what life may bring.

It can move slow, or sometimes fast,

Whether you’re at work or having a blast.

The clock on the wall is not your friend,

You stare at it, the day never ends.

But if you’re out having fun,

You turn around twice, the day is done.

Time moves at its own pace,

Ignoring those hands on its face.

So just put that clock out of mind,

Let the day slowly unwind.

Do those things you need to do,

Don’t let time get away from you.

Whether your day moves slow or fast,

Enjoy each one like it’s your last.

Stopping Time

Minutes feel like hours, hours like days,

But the years fly by in a blurry haze.

There should be a remote control for life,

slow down the fun, skip over the strife.

Until the day that dream comes true,

I’ll just stop time with a kiss from you.