The Collector

The Collector

“Do you think he’s gone?’

“Be quiet. I don’t know.”

“The screaming stopped at least.”

“She’s probably dead. There was a lot of blood.”

“I hope he doesn’t find us. You think he’ll look in here?”

“How should I know? But, please stop touching me.”

“What are you talking about? I’m not touching you.”

“Then who… uuuhhh…”

“Daren? Darren? What’s wrong?”

“Darren can’t talk right now. He’s dead.”

“What? No! Shit! No! The door won’t open! Please don’t kill me! Why are you doing this?”

“If you’re quiet and sit still, I won’t kill you. I only want your eyes.”

“My eyes? What do you mean? I don’t understand!”

“They’re such a pretty blue. I need them for my collection. Now sit still.”


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

We Monsters drink from the Fountain of Youth

I know that seems a bit uncouth

We need to stay young and fresh

To take juicy bites from your flesh

The Snake in the Grass slithers away

As I look up from 50 Shades of Gray

I do my best to look mysterious

And some clown says, “Why so Serious?

The serum wears off, I transform back to hero

A Day in the Life of My Alter-ego.