Running makes me happy and free,

Especially running by the sea.

I love to run every day,

Maybe run then stop and play.

People ask me why I run.

I say that it is great fun.

It is also a healthy habit.

I can run just like a rabbit.

You should run, fast or slow,

just keep your body on the go.

Too many people sit and stop,

Then gorge on food until they pop.

Put down that greasy steak!

Throw away that sugary cake!

Get up out of that comfy chair,

find some running shoes to wear.

Get yourself out on that street,

other runners you may meet.

Out in the sun is where I’ll be,

running makes me happy and free.

Dedicated Runner

The raindrops splash on my face.

I lower my head and quicken my pace.

I curse the clouds up in the sky.

I’d hoped this storm would pass me by.

I need to finish my morning run,

and it is much easier in the sun.

I won’t let the weather slow me down,

or turn my smile into a frown.

Rain or shine, I still run.

Snow and ice, though, are no fun.

I don’t care what the weather may be,

Running makes me feel free.

It relieves my stress and clears my head,

there’s nothing I’d rather do instead.

Rain, ice, sleet, or snow,

I’ll still run, this I know.