Ocean Storm

The ocean waves lapped the shore.

First one, then one more.

Faster and faster the tide rolled in.

Nature’s patience growing thin.

The billowing wind turned into a gale.

The current stronger than a blue whale.

Brine-tipped waves battered the land.

The power of the sea, frightening yet grand.

Finally, the clouds parted, the sky turned blue.

The beach, again, safe for me and for you.

Upon the Sea

The sand squishes between my toes,

And the sun beats down on my nose.

The beach is where I find my Zen,

That, or writing with my pen.

I get up from where I sit,

And jump into the water for a bit.

The power of the ocean calms my mind,

Allowing my tired body to unwind.

Whether I swim, surf or ski,

I long to be out upon the sea.

The crashing waves and rolling surf,

Will always be my home turf.