The Hike

This hiking trail is rocky and steep,

into the forest, oh so deep.

Over the hills and across the streams,

it goes on forever, or so it seems.

At peace with nature, yes, I am,

walking alone or with the fam.

Sometimes I take in the view,

Other times I take a few,

pictures of what I see,

to share with you and with me.

I put my camera back away,

for the day is turning grey.

This hike now nears its end,

I see the trail start to bend,

toward the place that we did park.

Then my dog starts to bark,

at the cars or at a toad,

soon we are on the road.

Our hiking day is now done,

as always, we had lots of fun.

The Storm

The storm clouds thickened in the sky,

and raindrops splattered in my eyes. 

The wind shook even giant trees.

This was more than a summer breeze.

The waters rose, cities went dark. 

Hell, I considered building an ark.

Days went by, it finally passed.

Just when I thought I may not last.

I ventured out into the newfound sun.

Now that the drenching rain was done.

Mud and twigs as far as I can see, 

But no damage to my house or me.

Some did not fare as well as I.

Sadly, some even tragically died.

To His power, I’ll give a nod. 

That I survived, I do thank God!

Life and Gardening

Life is like a backyard garden,

Tend your soul so it won’t harden.

Plant things you like best,

And weed out all the rest.

Fertilize and watch them grow,

Cause if you don’t, it will show.

Take good care of your garden plot,

Or things won’t grow, they will not.

Life is like gardening, again I say,

Both need love and work each day.


Rain can make for a dreary day,

The sun is gone, the sky is grey.

Clouds roll in, the land goes dark,

Thunder rumbles, lightning sparks.

The wind blows, the trees shake,

Puddles form just like a lake.

Stay inside, out of the storm,

In front of the fire where it’s warm.

Winter rain is cold as ice,

Not like summer when it’s nice.

In the spring, rain brings life,

In the fall, hurricanes rain strife.

All in all, we need the rain,

Even if it may cause pain.

Though I may prefer a blue sky,

Without rain, the land would die.

Plants would wither, animals would thirst,

And that, my friends, would be the worst.

Rain can make for a dreary day,

We need it, just not every day.

The Dreamer Awakes

Rain beat down on the ground,

Lightning flashed all around.

I sat and watched it all in awe,

Wandering mind, slackened jaw.

The storm is filled with such great power,

Chasing people inside, making animals cower.

A storm this size causes great stress,

Lightning and wind creating a mess.

For now, the rain eases my mind,

I slip away from the daily grind.

Slowly drifting off to sleep,

Dreaming dreams, counting sheep.

In my dreams, we all get along,

No death, no war, nothing wrong.

Thunder booms, causing me to wake,

My dream wasn’t real, I begin to shake.

Why can’t peace really be true?

I hang my head, feeling blue.

But a new thought won’t let me be,

Maybe my dreams begin with me.

I’ll live my life to honor the land,

If I see a wrong, I’ll make a stand.

I can’t change everyone’s heart,

But even one will be a start.

The Power of Nature

The fire burned with orange light,

Reflecting off the snow of white.

The snow melted as it fell,

Over the forest of burning hell.

Fire burned quickly through the trees,

Urged on by the hefty breeze.

The air filled with thickening smoke,

Causing the animals to cough and choke.

Melting snow then created a flood,

Turning scorched earth into mud.

Nature can destroy and create,

The old forest is gone but just wait.

When winter is gone, come back in Spring,

And you’ll see many wondrous things.