Our Love Will Never End

You have been taken from my sight.

I know you are within the light.

I miss you each and every day.

And that may never go away.

Our love was so strong and true,

but fate was far too unkind to you.

You had to go but said you’d return.

For you only, my heart did burn.

Silence descended on me from you.

Each day that passed, I became so blue.

My tears flowed all day long.

Within my heart there was no song.

Then news of your death came to me.

I lost my heart and sanity.

That you are now at peace is what I pray,

and that I will see you again someday.

Though now my heart can begin to mend,

I know our love will never end.

Left Behind

Some say their heart breaks in two,

Mine is crushed by thoughts of you.

We were best friends for so long,

You’re gone now, I did nothing wrong.

I know you are going through deep pain,

And your teardrops fall like rain.

The reason you left, I know why,

I am friends with the other guy.

When you left him, you left me, too.

And now I’m here, feeling blue.

I’ll move on someday, I know,

But I’ll still wish you didn’t go.

I’ll miss you every single day,

And wonder why you couldn’t stay.

If this is the end, I’ll say one last thing,

I wish you all the happiness that life can bring.

Were You Ever Real?

Were you ever truly real?

What of the love I did feel?

Doubts now cloud my mind,

As memories slowly unwind.

I felt your love every day,

But that feeling is slipping away.

Sometimes now when I think of you,

Instead of happy, I feel blue.

I thought our love was so strong,

Why did everything go so wrong?

You aren’t here to comfort me,

I was lonely as could be.

I thought that I might just give in,

Love and happiness could not win.

Someone else then found my heart,

Their radiant smile made me start.

To think that I could love again,

And happiness might soon begin.

One last time I ask of you,

Were you real? I wish I knew.


I walked out into the cold rain,

hoping it would wash away the pain.

Darkness grips my broken heart.

Words from you prick like a dart.

Love that once flamed so hot,

now it simply just does not.

Even your eyes have grown cold,

when once they were bright and bold.

It’s time that I must set you free,

and accept you don’t love me.

Too Soon

I did not know you very long,

but I felt our friendship could grow strong.

All too soon you were called away,

that you found some peace, this I pray.

You were such a sweet guy,

now on angel wings you do fly.

You will be missed by one and all,

the impact you left is not small.

Until the day we meet again,

you’re in my heart, my dear friend.