The RV Chronicles (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2 (Written by Flash2002)

Walking into Walmart, Nicholas said, “Let’s grab the stuff you need and then we can head on out to the beach.”

“Sure thing, Captain Nicholas.” Griffin smirked. “You know, I have to say your music selection was ok on the way up here. I like some of the oldies, but I’ll show you some truly excellent tunes when I take the helm. Now let’s get this over with, so we can head on up to the beach and catch some waves! Dude, it’ll be fun. Maybe someday you’ll let me teach you.” Griffin said, eyeing his friend. 

Nicholas rolled his eyes. “Someday.”

As they continued shopping, they noticed some teenage boys who were shoplifting. “Boy look at these guys, Griff. They sure know how to get away with stuff, I wouldn’t have ever dared do that. I’d be too afraid of getting caught,” Nicholas said.

 “Well, you have some daring spirit. Remember when we were nine, and you set off a whole package of Black Cat firecrackers at that church carnival we had to go to?”

“Oh yeah, you thought it would be funny to disobey, our teacher, Mr. Ashcroft. You wanted us to scare him, so maybe we could sneak away.”

“I remember. I watched him go into the bathroom stall and drop his pants. I threw those babies into the stall next to him and ran out of there as fast I could! Good thing no one saw us! Oh, those were the days. I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard!”

“That was the start of your prankster days, and you’ve pulled off some good ones over the years.” 

“Yeah, well we better check out and get going. I’m not adding shoplifting to my resume just yet.” 

Back in the parking lot, Nicholas looks down at the RV tires. “Dammit! A flat already? I’m not sure about how to change a flat on this thing. I’ll grab the manual and read up on it.”

Griff went inside and put away all their new purchases and pulled his surfboard out from under the bed.

About an hour later, Nicholas hollers at Griffin, “Hey, can you turn these nuts for me. I can’t budge them.”

“Haha. You’re always having trouble handling your nuts. That don’t surprise me.” Griffin said, laughing loudly.

“Haha. Just give me a hand please.”

“Sure thing. You know I love to give you a helping hand with your nuts from time to time.”

“Shut up before I hurt you.” Nicholas was not amused; he wanted to get on his way again.

“Here you go, just use more lube next time. Now, don’t be so uptight. We are in a new chapter in our lives, and hopefully, this will be the best time of our lives!” Griffin said. 

With that fixed, they start towards the beach. They decided to stay overnight because they arrived at the beach so late in the day and Griff wanted to surf.

“Hey, Nicholas, I’m going to go try and get a feel for the waves.”

 Nicholas watched Griffin run to the ocean with his board in tow. He knew this was one of Griff’s favorite things to do. He thought to himself, “I guess I’ll start setting up supper for tonight.” 

As the sun starts to set, Griff makes it back to the RV. “Cool. Dinner. I’m famished. Let’s eat.”

They settle in to eat and start talking about their newfound freedom. Then a stranger approaches them. He must have been about 20 years old and had long flowing blond hair, blue eyes, and a smile to die for. “Hello there, guys. A few of us are having a bonfire a little further up the beach. Wanna join us?” He asked.

Nicholas hesitated, but Griff jumped in and said, “Sure. Why not. We’ll come along.” Nicholas looked at Griff with a surprised look, “Come on, Nicholas, be adventurous. Let yourself enjoy new things.”

Nicholas shrugged. “Sure. I guess so. I can try and have some fun. Let’s go.”