The RV Chronicles (Chapter 27)

Chapter 27

Written by: (KenW9270)

Nicholas closed the door firmly behind himself, then started to walk toward the rear door. Griffin reached over and grabbed his hand. “Nicholas, we’ve checked all the doors and windows three times. Everything is locked up tight.”

“Should we just stay here today? We’re gonna leave by one or two anyway.”

Griff leaned down, so their foreheads were touching and stared into Nicholas’ blue eyes as he spoke. “No. Let’s stick to our plans. Whether it was some kid looking for money, or something more sinister, I think if anything were going to happen, it would have happened yesterday. Don’t let it ruin our fun.”

Nicholas leaned in for a kiss. “You truly are my rock. I don’t know what I would ever do without you. Let’s go have some fun.”

“I guess your idea of fun is eating my dust on the go-kart track!” Jamie said with a smirk.

Casey rolled her eyes. “Come on, children. Let’s get moving if we want to do this. There’s no sense wasting our last day together.”


Nicholas leaped out of the go-kart almost before it stopped moving. He pumped his fist in the air and yelled, “Total victory is mine!”

Griff and the two girls got out of their go-karts and walked over to Nicholas. “You were lucky! I was just settling into a good groove. A couple more races and I would have caught you,” Griffin said.

“We agreed on the number of races and point system before we started. Don’t be a sore loser, Peaches!” Nicholas retorted.

“At least I tied with you,” Jamie said, poking Griffin in the side and laughing.

“Can we not talk about who finished where, and just agree that we all had fun?” Casey asked with a grin.

Jamie spun and faced her sister, “That’s only because you finished last, sis!”

Casey shook her head, “Oh, please. I took it easy on you guys because I knew I’d destroy you all at mini-golf.”

“That sounds like a challenge! Come on, let’s go!” Griffin shouted and led the group away from the go-kart track and under the sign which read ‘Fire Mountain Mini-golf.’

By the time that they played seven holes, Nicholas and Jamie saw that the game was going to be a battle between Casey and Griff, so they conspired together to try trick shots to get hole-in-ones and attempt to gain some ground. “Nicholas! No! Don’t hit it yet.” Jamie ran up to Nicholas just before he hit the ball. “Don’t hit it through the loop-de-loop. Angle it off to the left and ricochet off the wall. If you do it just right, it should go right into the hole.”

“Ok, I see what you’re trying to do. I’ll try it that way.” Nicholas said and shot the ball. The ball went just like Jamie said it would but stopped a few inches short of the hole. On Jamie’s turn, she hit it harder than Nicholas had, but the ball flew past the hole, missing it by only an inch or two.

On the sixteenth hole, Griff and Casey were tied for the lead. The obstacle to the hole was a windmill. They had to hit the ball through the hole in the mill and avoid the spinning blades. Griff lined up his shot perfectly and hit the ball. The spinning windmill blade swooped down and covered the opening just before his ball arrived. Griff’s golf ball smacked into the blade and caromed off backward, almost back to where it started. Griffin cursed his bad luck and finished the hole in five shots. Casey’s shot went perfectly under the windmill and stopped just a couple inches from the hole. A light tap into the hole, and she was now three shots ahead of Griffin.

Griff kicked at the turf. “Great shot, Casey. I still have two holes to catch up, though!” Griffin’s comeback was not to be. They played even on the last two holes. In total, the course was a par fifty-four. Casey ended with forty-four, Griff with forty-seven, Nicholas with fifty-one, and Jamie with fifty-six.

Just as they were about to leave Fire Mountain, a teenage boy who looked to be about sixteen or seventeen ran up to Jamie. “Hey, baby. These two,” he motioned toward Griff and Nicholas, “don’t look like they’re paying a hottie like you enough attention.” He held up a hand in front of Jamie and was rolling two golf balls around in his hand. “Why don’t you come over here and play with my balls for a while.”

Griff started to step forward, but Jamie raised a hand to let him know that she could handle it. Jamie gave the other boy a sweet smile and placed her hand flat against his chest. “You’re such a charmer. I bet you get all the girls with witty lines like that, don’t you?”

“I do ok.” he gave her a cocky grin.

Jamie took another step closer, still smiling. “I bet you don’t. I bet that Junior,” her eyes flicked down toward his crotch. “has never even seen a girl in his life.”

The boy’s eyes grew wide. “Why you little b…” whatever else he was going to say never made it past his lips. Jamie’s smile grew even wider as she lifted her knee and planted it firmly in his groin. The boy screamed and fell to the ground, his hands clutching at his injured family jewels.

Two other boys ran up and knelt down by their friend. As they helped him to his feet, one of them said, “Dude, you’re such an idiot. We told you not to try that.”

“Shut up, Wyatt! You’re supposed to have my back.”

“I do, but you totally deserved what you got.” The rest of their conversation died out as they walked away.

Jamie spun back toward her sister and the boys. “Well, that was fun. Are we ready to go now?”


Nicholas strapped himself securely into the captain’s chair and picked out a playlist to send them on their way. He looked behind him and grinned at Jamie. “As we roll outta Delaware and move on to Pennsylvania, let’s honor Jamie’s fallen suitor.” His grin widened as he hit play. They left Rehoboth Beach to the sounds of Queen.

Oh, let’s go

Steve walks warily down the street

With the brim pulled way down low

Ain’t no sound but the sound of his feet,

Machine guns ready to go

Are you ready, hey, are you ready for this?

Are you hanging on the edge of your seat?

Out of the doorway the bullets rip

To the sound of the beat

Another one bites the dust

Another one bites the dust

And another one gone, and another one gone

Another one bites the dust

Hey, I’m gonna get you, too

Another one bites the dust

How do you think I’m going to get along

Without you when you’re gone?

You took me for everything that I had

And kicked me out on my own

Are you happy, are you satisfied?

How long can you stand the heat?

Out of the doorway the bullets rip

To the sound of the beat

Another one bites the dust

Another one bites the dust

And another one gone, and another one gone

Another one bites the dust

Hey, I’m gonna get you, too

Another one bites the dust


Oh take it

Bite the dust

Kinda dusty!


Another one bites the dust

Another one bites the dust oww

Another one bites the dust hey hey

Another one bites the dust eh eh

Oh shoot out

There are plenty of ways that you can hurt a man

And bring him to the ground

You can beat him, you can cheat him

You can treat him bad and leave him when he’s down

But I’m ready, yes, I’m ready for you

I’m standing on my own two feet

Out of the doorway the bullets rip

Repeating to the sound of the beat oh yeah

Another one bites the dust

Another one bites the dust

And another one gone, and another one gone

Another one bites the dust

Hey, I’m gonna get you, too

Another one bites the dust

Oh shoot out, hey hey, all right.


They arrived at the RV park just outside Philadelphia at four twenty-five, pretty much right on schedule. “I’ll be right back. I just have to run to the office and sign in.” Nicholas said as he climbed out of the RV.

“What time is your aunt getting here?” Griff asked Jamie.

“I’m texting her right now,” Jamie answered.

“Don’t bother. She just texted me. She’s here.” Casey said. All three of them exited the RV and walked toward the parking area near the office. Griff chatted with the girls on their way to the parking lot, but then he noticed that they both stopped dead in their tracks.

“Hey, what’s wrong? Not quite ready to part company with me yet?” He said and flashed them both a smile. His smile evaporated when he saw the look of fear on both of their faces. “Seriously, girls, what’s wrong?”

“Look. It’s him. It’s been him following us all along.” Griff looked where Jamie pointed, and he saw an older man and an older woman in what looked like a heated argument. The man was leaning against a beat-up red pickup truck.

“That’s your stepfather? Is that your aunt that he’s talking to?” Griffin asked.

“Yes. That’s Aunt Bev. I guess we better get over there and get this over with.” Casey said.

“I’m sure your aunt will take care of everything,” Griff said, trying to sound cheerful. As they got closer, they overheard the conversation between Aunt Bev and stepdad Roger.

“Those girls owe me! They’re coming back with me until they pay off my hospital bills. They left most of their stuff behind anyway. They probably want it back.”

“They aren’t going anywhere with you, Roger. I tried to get my sister away from you, and I tried to get the girls after she passed away. Now that both of my nieces are out of that house and over eighteen years old, there’s no way they are ever going back.”

“Listen, bitch, they’re coming with me, or I’ll call the cops and have them arrested for assault.”

Griffin spoke up. “Dude, I saw their bruises. You were beating them, and you probably beat their mom, too. You’re a child-abusing bully. Go ahead and call the cops. I dare you.”

Roger reached into the back of his pickup and pulled out a baseball bat. “Look, Jamie, I brought your favorite toy.” Then he glared at Griffin. “I don’t know you, boy, but if I can’t get my money, I’ll sure as hell get some revenge.”

“There’s four of us here. You don’t want to do this, Roger.” Casey said. Bev had distanced herself from Roger and was on the phone with 9-1-1.

“Get behind me,” Griff said to the girls. Then, when Griff looked back at Roger, he saw Nicholas walking across the parking lot behind the older man. Roger raised the baseball bat and started stalking towards Griffin, Casey, and Jamie. Griff was about to yell out to Nicholas to go get help, but then he saw his boyfriend lower his head and charge. Nicholas hit Roger like a linebacker sacking the quarterback. Roger’s arms flew up, and the bat went sliding across the parking lot. The two hit the pavement with a thud, Nicholas’ landing cushioned by Roger’s body.

Griffin raced over and helped Nicholas to his feet. “That was amazing! Are you ok, Boo?”

“Yeah. I’m fine. I came out of the office and saw the red pickup. Then I saw that guy raise the bat and walk toward you guys, and I just reacted. I take it that he’s the stepfather?”

Casey and Jamie had joined the boys and had Nicholas in a double bear hug. They each kissed him on the cheek, and Jamie said, “Yes. That’s our stepfather, and you are our absolute hero!”

Roger groaned and rolled onto his back. He started to get up. Bev looked down at him. “Just stay on the ground, Roger. The cops are almost here.” In fact, at that moment, they all heard the sirens getting closer.


Back in the RV, the two boys flopped down on the couch. “I can’t believe that just happened,” Griffin said.

“Which part?” Nicholas chuckled.

“All of it! You’re a bona fide hero, Boo!”

“Aw! You would have done the same thing, Peaches.”

“I’m just glad the girls are safe and with family now.”

“I’m going to miss the hell out of them, but some alone time with you will be nice,” Nicholas said, laying his head in Griff’s lap and swinging his legs up onto the couch. “Pass me the remote, please, Peaches.”

“Here you go, hero,” Griff said as he passed Nicholas the remote and leaned down for a kiss.

Nicholas turned on the TV and started up Netflix. “What do you feel like watching tonight?”

“Something fun. No more drama for me tonight.” Griff laughed.

“Hmm. It sounds like a night to continue binging ‘Grace and Frankie’ then.”

“Excellent choice,” Griff said, and they settled in for a relaxing night of comedy after their adventurous and drama-filled day.

The RV Chronicles (Chapter 26)

Chapter 26

Written by: (Flash2002)

Nicholas woke up earlier than Griffin for once. He could barely contain his excitement to finally get out into the ocean and see just how much of the surfing lessons that he’d retained. Having the love of his life by his side as his surf mentor was a definite added bonus. He went into the bathroom and started getting ready for the big day ahead.

Griffin woke up and felt around for Nicholas. He got a little worried when he wasn’t there. “Where in the world is he? He never gets up this early,” Griff thought to himself. Puzzled and confused, he jumped out of bed only to hear “Surfin’ USA” playing, and to his surprise, Nicholas was singing to the Beach Boys hit. “Mmmhhhmmm, Nicky-poo, you had me worried, but seeing you in here singing and dancing in the shower tells me that you’re excited about today.”

“Cool observation, and don’t call me Nicky-poo. You know I hate that, but you are correct,” Nicholas popped off. “I’m really ready to try to surf out on the real ocean and, with you out there, I’m not scared at all.”

“I’m so happy that you’re excited about surfing,” Griffin answered back.

“I’m going to finish getting ready and then you should shower before we wake the girls up.”

“Fine, you got a deal, babe.”

Griffin showered and got ready for the day and then went back to the bedroom to get his bodysuit on. He couldn’t find Nicholas again, so he opened the front door to the RV and, lo and behold, Nicholas was outside getting his board ready for the day at the beach. “Hi, honey! Boy, you really are excited. You keep on doing what you’re doing and I’ll get the girls up and cook breakfast. I love you, babe,” Griffin said happily.

Griffin walked into the living room and saw both girls still sprawled out on the pull-out sofa. “Rise and shine, ladies! It’s time to get up and get ready for the beach.” After a few groans from the girls, Jamie darted into the bathroom, so Casey sighed and picked up her cell phone to check her messages while she waited for her sister to get ready. Griffin went into the kitchen and started making pancakes and bacon. He also got out some fruit for pancake toppings. He turned the music on as he was cooking and selected a playlist. Bruno Mars’ “Count on Me” started playing as Griff began cutting up the fruit.

After about 45 minutes, Nicholas came back inside and, along with the girls, now dressed in their bikinis, sat down to eat.

“This is so good, Griff! Thank you for yet another great breakfast,” Nicholas said with a grin.

The girls both complimented Griffin on breakfast, but then Jamie, as usual, had to tease Griff. “Nicholas is so lucky. You will make a good wife for him one day.”

“That’s so funny, but don’t quit your day job any time soon. Oh, wait, you don’t work, little miss comedian,” Griff said with a laugh.

“Alright, we’re ready to go. Let’s head to the beach now to make sure we get good spots,” Nicholas said.

They all grabbed the stuff they needed and they headed out to the beach. They were quite the sight, two guys carrying surfboards and backpacks and wearing bodysuits and two girls in bikinis. They arrived and picked out good spots. The boys set up down close to the water, while the girls chose to set up close to the lifeguard shack. The girls set out their beach towels and started checking out the groups of guys that were playing frisbee on the beach.

Nicholas was eager to get out on the water, but Griffin cautioned him to wait a bit. Griff said that the waves would start getting bigger soon enough, and until then they talked about their plans for the day.

“Mom is going to just love that I did this today and conquered one of my fears, and it’s all thanks to you, Peaches,” Nicholas said proudly.

“Aw shucks. It’s you that will be doing it all, and I’m proud to share this moment and day with you.” Griffin said, blushing. They looked over at the girls and saw that they were already having fun flirting with all the guys. Casey was hanging all over one of the lifeguards, feeling his muscles, and Jamie had joined in with one of the frisbee games. The guys bust out laughing, and they went back to talking about surf and conditions.

“Okay, see that section over there? Try not to get into the currents and let the waves carry you into that rocky bluff area. Turn away from it if you can and do tricks going away from it. Also, see that part there? If you get into that area it has a lot of stinging jellyfish and other fish which could attract sharks. So, avoid that,” Griffin said.

“Avoid crashing into the rocks and avoid getting eaten by sharks. Those are the best two pieces of advice that I’ve ever gotten,” Nicholas said, laughing. “Seriously, I am paying attention to everything, Peaches. Thank you.”

“Can I continue now?” Griffin grinned and rolled his eyes. “Anyway, if you get into some big heavy waves, fall off your board, but remember to grab your board and hold onto it, so it can help keep your head above water. I know you got this, babe.”

Time passed by, the winds picked up, and the waves increased. “Let’s do this! It’s time to paddle out and see if we can catch some waves, Boo,” Griffin said with a huge smile.

Both of the guys got on their boards and paddled out. “It’s your turn, go for it, babe,” Griff told Nicholas.

With great anticipation, Nicholas caught his first wave and balanced well on his board. He rode the wave doing some minor tricks, and shouted out with glee, “Awesome, I did it! Wow! What a feeling of exhilaration!”

“Woohoo, I am so proud of you, babe,” Griff said as he paddled over to Nicholas and kissed him.

“Now show me what you got, Griff, don’t hold back. Show me how it’s done,” Nicholas said, smiling ear to ear.

“I forgot to tell you, I recorded you with my GoPro cam so you can show your mom, and I can upload it to our Instagram,” Griff said.

Griffin caught a great wave and did a lot of tricks, jumps, flips, and rode the tube really well. He was excited and told Nicholas, “You’re up next. I bet you do even better than before.”

The boys rode many waves throughout the day and only took short breaks all day long. They met some local surfers and made lots of friends. As a matter of fact, the girls were hanging out with a few of the surfers they met. They all agreed to meet at a bonfire on the beach later in the evening. The guys decided to call it a day after surfing and just hung out with all the local surfers.

Nightfall came, and they all headed over to the area of the beach where a huge bonfire had been lit. Nicholas was in awe of how cool it was to be a part of the surfing community and was just kinda speechless at first. “Hey, Griff, I now know why you’re so cool and love surfing so much. Everyone is so down to earth and friendly. They give you pointers and don’t really judge you that much. It seems like a close-knit family atmosphere, and it’s a welcome change,” Nicholas said.

“That’s for sure, babe, and everyone wants to see you succeed. You see, that’s what I have been telling you all these years. It’s really cool to be a surfer. Don’t get me wrong, you still have the arrogant douche bags, but overall it’s family,” Griffin said with pride. The two girls were still flirting with some of the local guys. Jamie was adding everyone on Snapchat and Twitter. Griffin and Nicholas made their rounds, sitting with different groups and telling their surf stories. Griffin let Nicholas do most of the talking, as it was his special day. Griff beamed with pride as Nicholas told everyone about his first time surfing out in the open waters.

Hours went by, and they were all tired and decided to head back to the RV. When they arrived, the door to the RV was wide open. Someone had broken in. Without hesitation, Nicholas dropped his board and ran inside to look around. “Nothing seems to be missing or damaged. The biggest thing is whoever it was dumped everything out of both girls’ backpacks and threw everything all over the living room. Casey, Jamie, check and see if anything is missing.” Nicholas said.

The girls picked up all their stuff and whispered nervously to each other before returning to Nicholas. “Nothing is missing. Why would someone do this, Nicholas?” Casey asked.

“I don’t know. This is so strange, but there’s no need to call and report it to the cops since nothing’s missing. We just need to double-check that we lock up tight when we leave. We may have left it unlocked by mistake,” Nicholas proclaimed.

“I agree, but we also need to keep an eye out for trouble or anything suspicious. Now let’s all get ready for bed. I, for one, am ready to crash,” Griffin said.

The girls changed into their pajamas and pulled out the sofa bed. “Goodnight, boys.” They both said practically in unison.

Griffin and Nicholas talked in bed about their day, and then after a few goodnight kisses, Nicholas wrapped his arms around Griffin, snuggled in close, and they both fell quickly asleep.

The RV Chronicles (Chapter 25)

Chapter 25

Written by: (Phoenix2020)

“Are we there yet?” Griffin hollered exactly six and a half minutes after Nicholas pulled out of the RV park.

“Don’t make me pull over, young man!”

“Ooooo … whatcha gonna do? Spank me?”

“Well, maybe later … but not in front of the children,” Nicholas winked. “Seriously, though … we should be in Rehoboth Beach by 7. I’m thinking we grab a couple of pizzas and stay in after we register and get the RV hooked up. The weather forecast says storms are supposed to roll through this evening and we don’t want to be caught somewhere and have to walk back in the rain.”

“Sounds like a game night. I hope it clears out by tomorrow … I have to get you on a surfboard in the actual Atlantic Ocean!” Griffin said, emphatically. “How long are we staying there?”

“I reserved the spot for two nights so we can head for Philadelphia on the 3rd to meet up with Casey and Jamie’s aunt,” Nicholas replied. “We can stay there a couple of nights so we can celebrate the 4th of July in the birthplace of the United States.”

Nicholas was beginning to believe that Spotify was telepathic as Bruce Springsteen began to growl …

“Born down in a dead man’s town

The first kick I took was when I hit the ground

End up like a dog that’s been beat too much

’Til you spend half your life just covering up

Born in the U.S.A

I was born in the U.S.A

I was born in the U.S.A

Born in the U.S.A … ”


The timing was perfect, as the pizza delivery arrived just as they finished hooking up the RV. Everyone washed up and settled in the living room to eat, with Jamie and Griffin occupying the sofa while Casey settled in the recliner and Nicholas sprawled out on the floor in the beanbag. Occasional flashes of lightning and thunder rumbling in the distance punctuated the conversation.

“So, any great ideas for how we should entertain ourselves tonight?” Casey asked.

“TV or games, maybe?” Nicholas suggested. “OH … I know! Pin the tail on Griffin!”

“Or …” Griffin had that glint in his eye that everyone was quite familiar with. “What about … ‘Strip Truth or Dare’?”

“I am NOT stripping in front of you boys!” Jamie exclaimed.

“Oh, fiddle dee dee,” Casey replied in her best Scarlett O’Hara voice. She was a bit too infatuated with the ‘Gone With the Wind’ novel she’d borrowed from Nicholas. “They are not the least interested in anything you may have to put on display.”

“Besides, you can choose ‘truth’ or ‘dare’, instead,” Griffin added.

“Well, okay. If Casey’s on board, I’ll go along,” Jamie conceded.

They played ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ and Nicholas won. He called Casey, who responded, “Dare.”

″ I dare you to …” Nicholas thought a few seconds. “I dare you to …”


With the lightning strike, the RV was plunged into utter darkness with Griffin squealing like a seven-year-old girl. “Everyone stay where you are,” Nicholas said. “I’ll get the flashlights.” He stumbled his way toward the front where the flashlights were kept in the emergency kit. Returning to the living room, he handed one to Casey. “I’ll hook up the generator if the power doesn’t come back soon.”

As everyone settled back down to continue the game, they heard a shout. Several more shouts followed, and soon the sound of many frantic voices motivated all four to run for the door and outside. A steady rain had begun, but they were oblivious to it as they saw people running south towards the road. A glance in that direction immediately let them know why all the commotion had commenced. They saw smoke streaming from the roof of a building, victimized by the earlier lightning strike. They joined everyone else pouring out of parked RVs up and down the campground and ran to see if they could be of assistance.

By the time they reached the road, sirens could be heard approaching. In such a small town, the fire department must be close by. The building, now engulfed in flames, appeared to be a large and, apparently, rather old beach house based on how quickly the fire seemed to be spreading through it. No one in the growing crowd acted terribly distraught, so it was probably currently unoccupied or, at least, whoever was staying there was not at home. Everyone retreated to the RV park side of the road to allow the trucks to approach as the rain began to pour more heavily, aiding the firefighters in their efforts.

As the blaze was brought under control, Nicholas, Griffin, Casey, and Jamie headed back home to change out of their uncomfortably wet clothing. As they reached the RV, the power returned, and the entire campground lit up instantly. If any one of them had been looking behind them at that moment, they would surely have noticed the man that dove behind a row of trash barrels along the dirt road and in front of the RV parked across from theirs.


After stripping off their soaked clothes, drying off, and redressing, everyone plopped back down in the living room to finish off their now cold pizza. Nicholas reheated his in the microwave, but everyone else was content with the room temperature food. No one, except Griffin, was in the mood for Strip Truth or Dare, anymore, so they began to browse Netflix for a good thunderstorm movie and settled on the classic, ‘Poltergeist’. Casey was more interested in ‘Gone With the Wind’, however. Jamie chose to stretch out on the floor with the bean bag, which allowed Nicholas and Griffin to cozy up on the sofa to get their cuddle on.

Griffin, with his head in Nicholas’ lap, gazed up into his boyfriend’s blue eyes and smiled. Nicholas looked down and grinned back. “What?”

“How did we get here?” Griffin asked. “I don’t mean Rehoboth. I mean you and me, here … with my head in your lap and head over heels in love with you.”

“I know what you mean,” Nicholas responded. “I’ve been thinking the same thing the past couple of weeks. We’ve been best friends forever and even enjoyed learning about sex with each other, but it kind of feels like we’ve just met.”

“Yeah, it’s like we became different people, in a way, when we left home. Like we went from kids to adults, and our feelings changed from a kid friendship to an adult relationship, and now we’re getting to know each other all over again.”

“So … how long have you known each other?” Jamie asked, then sheepishly apologized. “Sorry, I couldn’t help overhearing. I mean you’re right there.”

“It’s okay, Jamie. We’ve been friends since Kindergarten,” Nicholas answered. “By middle school, we both realized we were gay, so we’ve been pretty tight since then.”

“Yeah, we kind of figured it out together and .. well … tried different stuff,” Griffin attempted to explain. “We didn’t know any other gay guys our age and were too afraid to ask anyone. We trusted each other, so it was a great way to learn!”

“Oh, yeah! More fun than algebra, for sure!” laughed Nicholas. “My mom couldn’t figure out why we suddenly started spending so much time in the treehouse my dad built for me when I was eight. We usually told her we were studying, just not WHAT we were studying!”

“The fact that the house wi-fi signal reached to the treehouse definitely aided the educational process, too,” Griffin winked and chuckled.

“Okay, okay! I get the picture!” Jamie waved her hands around her head in a feeble attempt to stop the images attacking her mind. “So, you were just friends, though … not boyfriends?”

“Yeah, uh … I guess I kinda started having those ‘feelings’ for Nicholas when we were about 13 or 14, but I didn’t really know,” Griffin admitted a bit awkwardly. “I mean didn’t know what ‘falling in love’ was all about, anyway. I just knew that I wanted to be with him all the time, but I was afraid he’d get sick of me, and I’d lose my best friend. So, I just kept it to myself.”

“I would never get sick of you! I can’t imagine my life without you in it every single day. I really wish you’d said something then, but it all worked out. Obviously, we were meant to be together, and now we are. I love you so much, Peaches … don’t you ever doubt that for a second!”

“I love you more, Boo,” Griffin whispered as he went in for a kiss to emphasize the sentiment.

“OH! Get a room, you two!” Jamie teased.

“Well, you started it, if I recall correctly,” Griffin fired back, “but that’s a great idea! Let’s go, Boo!”

“By the way, Casey and Jamie, be sure to let your aunt know that we will be in Philadelphia the day after tomorrow,” Nicholas said as Griffin was practically dragging him to their bedroom in the rear of the RV. “It would be easiest if she could meet us at the RV park. I’ll give you the address in the morning.”

“Say goodnight, Nicholas,” Griffin urged.

“Goodnight, Nicholas!” he shouted back as Griffin threw him on the bed and kicked the door closed behind him.

The RV Chronicles (Chapter 24)

Chapter 24

Written by: (KenW9270)

Griffin woke up and sleepily rolled over to get some good morning cuddles, but all he found was a cold, empty bed. “Wow. He’s up early,” he thought to himself as he got out of bed and pulled on a t-shirt. Griff padded out of the room looking for Nicholas. He got to the kitchen and saw Nicholas at the table. The two girls were on either side of Nicholas, each with an arm wrapped around him. Griffin was a little puzzled, so he walked over and wrapped his arms around Nicholas from behind. He rested his chin on his boyfriend’s shoulder. “Hey, Boo. What’s up? You’re awake early. What are you looking at? Are you making more travel plans?” Griff asked as he saw all the maps spread out on the table.

Nicholas looked up at Griff with tears blurring his normally crystal-clear blue eyes. “Hey, Peaches. I couldn’t sleep, so I got up and started organizing some of the cupboards and drawers that we hadn’t gone through yet.”

Griffin nudged the girls out of the way and spun Nicholas’ chair sideways, so he could kneel in front of him. “Baby, what’s wrong?” He gently reached up and wiped the tears off of Nicholas’ cheeks.

“Nothing’s wrong. I’m not even sure if these are happy tears or sad tears. Look what I found.” Nicholas motioned toward the maps spread out on the table. “These are all my dad’s travel maps! He marked off routes and circled places that he wanted to take me. There are even notes in the margins in his handwriting about what he wanted me and him to do at some of the places. I thought mom cleaned everything out of here when she put the RV into storage. This… this is like a gift from my dad!”

Griff leaned forward and kissed the fresh teardrops from the corners of Nicholas’ eyes. “I’m so happy for you, Boo. This is amazing! We’ll add these in with the ones that you made, and we’ll know exactly where we want to go.”

Nicholas’ lips curled down into a frown. “Yeah. At least until I drop you off at college.”

“Don’t worry about that right now. There’s plenty of time before that happens. So much has changed for us in the last couple of weeks, who knows what will happen before we get to Ohio.”

“You’re right. Sorry for being so emotional. Go take your shower, and I’ll fix breakfast.”

Casey stepped forward and put a hand on Nicholas’ shoulder. “Organize your dad’s maps. Me and Jamie have breakfast covered today.”

“Yep. Chef Jamie and her fabulous assistant, Cookmeister Casey, at your service!” Jamie giggled.

Griff pulled Nicholas to his feet and wrapped him in a tight bear hug. “No apologies necessary. I know what your dad meant to you. He was an awesome dad.” Griff kissed Nicholas on the forehead. “Finding those maps was a sign that we are doing exactly what we should be doing right now, and we have your dad’s blessing.”

“You’re right. He loved you a lot, Griff. I know he’d be happy for us. Ok, let’s get this day started. Go get in the shower and I’ll finish up here. It smells like the ladies are already fixin’ us some breakfast!”


Nicholas’ hair whipped around his face, damp from the spray of the water. He let out a whoop and pressed down as hard as he could on the jet ski’s gas pedal. Only one more to pass and he’d be in the lead. The nose of his jet ski was now even with the tail end of Andy’s. Just as they reached the predetermined finish line, Nicholas pulled into the lead. He slowed the engine and glided to a stop at the dock. Nicholas danced and jumped his way down the pier and onto the beach where Griff waited, still taking photos.

“Did you see that? That was amazing!” Nicholas cheered.

“Not only did I see it, but I also recorded it! Your victory will be immortalized on our RV Instagram account, Boo!”

“I still can’t believe you have over a hundred followers in two days! Maybe we will go viral!” Nicholas laughed.

“Yeah, maybe we can be the next Alec in WILDerland!”

Andy strolled over and pointed up at the jet ski rental office. Ian is taking care of the paperwork. Are we ready to go get lunch?”

Jamie bounced over with her nearly perpetual grin, “Definitely! I’m starved.”


“I’m glad you chose this place,” Ian said. “It’s my favorite restaurant of all the ones that we’ve been to here in Chesapeake Beach.”

“As an added bonus,” Griffin chuckled, “the owner, Peggy, gives Nicholas a free piece of pie every time he comes in for saving that dude’s life earlier this week.”

“Wait… what? You have to tell us that story!” Jamie squealed.

So, as they ate, Griffin told the story of the Heimlich save. Nicholas retaliated by telling the story of Griffin saving Gustavo in the hang glider accident. Then, Griffin told the story of Nicholas’ tackling him in the mud to save him from the runaway RV.

Ian glanced at his watch. “Time to finish up here, guys and gals. Andy and I have to hit the road.”

As Andy stood from the table, Jamie nearly tackled him with a hug. “You have my number and all my socials, you better stay in touch, boy!”

Andy grinned and kissed her on the cheek. “Of course, I will. You’re my favorite girl.”

“Where are you heading next?” Jamie asked.

“Virginia Beach. Then on to my hometown of Savannah, Georgia.” Andy said.

“Post plenty of beach pics,” Jamie said with a wink.

Andy blushed. “For sure.”

Goodbyes were said all around, and then Ian and Andy left on their way south.


Griffin raised his kayak paddle in the air and whooped in victory. “Oh yeah, baby! That’s game, set, and match! We win four to two!”

Nicholas and Casey shook their heads. “Should we ask for best of nine instead of best of seven?” Casey asked.

“Nah. Look at those two already dancing on the beach like they won the Olympics. Let them enjoy it.”

“It’s three-thirty anyway. You said that we should leave by four.” Casey said as she got out of the kayak and helped Nicholas pull it onto the beach.

“Yeah, let’s get these things signed in and get back to the RV.” Nicholas and Griff pulled the kayaks back to the rental shed and rejoined the girls for the short walk back to the RV.

While Nicholas was double-checking all the RV hookups and gauges to make sure they were ready to leave, Griffin noticed both girls kept looking down the road and whispering together. He walked over and put an arm around each girl. “Ladies, what’s wrong? And don’t you dare say nothing.”

Jamie looked up at Griffin then at her sister and finally back up at Griffin. She sighed, “I can’t lie to you, even if I wanted to. I’m not sure that anything is wrong, but I think I saw Roger’s beat-up red pick up parked out by the exit to the park. As soon as I saw it, it drove away, but I’ve seen it drive by two times since then.”

“Roger is your stepfather, right? The one who abused you both?”

Casey frowned. “Yes,” she swore under her breath, “I knew we shouldn’t have gone to Sarah’s party last night. If it is him, that’s how he found us. Some blabbermouth told him we were there!”

Griff ran a hand through his hair. “You two are both over eighteen, right? Those weren’t fake ID’s? Why would he track you down?” Nicholas had joined the group and was listening intently.

“We are both of age. He just thinks that he owns us. Plus, he’s probably pissed that I knocked him out with the baseball bat. He tracked us down because he’s a psychopath.” Jamie said.

“Well, you’re not sure it’s him, but regardless, even it is him, the sooner we get on the road, the sooner we leave him behind,” Nicholas said as he herded everyone into the RV. Once they were all buckled in, Nicholas started up his road trip playlist, and they pulled out of the park to the sounds of Aerosmith.

“I’m back

I’m back in the saddle again

I’m back

I’m back in the saddle again

Ridin’ into town alone by the light of the moon

I’m lookin’ for old Sukie Jones, she crazy horse saloon

Barkeep gimme a drink, that’s when she caught my eye

She turned to give me a wink, that’d make a grown man cry

I’m back in the saddle again

I’m back

I’m back in the saddle again

I’m back

Come easy, go easy, all right until the rising sun

I’m calling all the shots tonight, I’m like a loaded gun

Peelin’ off my boots and chaps, I’m saddle sore

Four bits gets you time in the racks, I scream for more

Fools’ gold out of their mines, the girls are soaking wet

No tongue’s drier than mine, I’ll come when I get back

I’m back in the saddle again

I’m back

I’m back in the saddle again

I’m ridin’, I’m loadin’ up my pistol

I’m ridin’, I really got a fistful

I’m ridin’, I’m shinin’ up my saddle

I’m ridin’, this snake is gonna rattle

Yodalayhe yodalayhe yodayahehoo

I’m back in the saddle again

I’m back

I’m back in the saddle again

I’m back

Ridin’ high

Ridin’ high

Ridin’ high.”

The RV Chronicles (Chapter 23)

Chapter 23

Written by: (Flash2002)

The guys and gals went outside to wait for their Uber to take them to the waterpark for a fun day of waterslides. They packed extra clothes because when they were done playing at the waterpark, they were going to a mystery dinner theater.

They arrived at the waterpark and the guys parted ways with the girls. Casey and Jamie were going their own way to check out all the hot, wet, shirtless guys.

Griffin waved goodbye, telling the girls not to get in too much trouble, then turned to Nicholas. “Which ones first? The biggest ones?”

“Why don’t you go ride a few of the big ones. I’m going to lay in a tube on the Lazy River and soak up some sun for a little while first,” said Nicholas.

“Well, I suppose, but first we have to put our backpacks in a locker and then I’ll rub the suntan lotion all over your backside for you,” Griff said with a giggle.

“Mmmm, sure thing, Peaches. I definitely don’t want to get a sunburn,” Nicholas said.

They went inside the locker room and locked up their backpacks. Nobody else was around and their locker was in the back corner, so Nicholas took off his shirt and laid face down on the bench. “I’m ready for that suntan lotion, Griff.”

Griff looked down at his boyfriend lying there and he couldn’t help himself. He kissed Nicholas’ neck and gently nibbled on his ear. Then he kissed and licked down to the middle of Nicholas’ back while Nicholas squirmed and moaned beneath him. Griffin sat back up and kind of spaced out a little. He thought to himself, “Have I died and gone to heaven? This beautiful man is all mine. Nicholas is finally my boyfriend, my lover. I must be the luckiest man on the face of the earth.”

Nicholas turned over and stared up at Griffin. “Are you gonna put that lotion on me or just keep staring?”

“Actually, roll over. We have time for a little action,” Griff smirked. “We’re all alone in here. I’ll be quick.”

“No. Wait until later, Peaches. Anyone could walk in, even a kid. I wouldn’t mind being a nudist, but not an exhibitionist.”

“You’re right. Just know how much I want you right now, you sexy beast. I’ll settle for a few more kisses, I guess,” Griffin said as he finally applied the suntan lotion, doing it in the sexiest way possible.

“I love you, snookums. Now go have fun riding the towers,” said Nicholas as he hugged and kissed his daredevil of a man and watched him leave.

Nicholas headed over and grabbed a tube to ride. He floated in the Lazy River as it wound its way around the whole park. He laid on his tummy, so his backside got some sun first.

Meanwhile, Griffin was acting like he was a kid again as he ran up the steps to the tallest of the towers they had. He had to slow down as he got behind some slow people. He thought to himself, as he waited in the slow line, about school. It was frustrating that, just when he was finally getting what he’d wanted all these years, it was happening right when he was about to leave for college. He wanted to go to Ohio State, but right now, he wanted to continue on this journey with Nicholas even more. He shook his head to try and clear his thoughts. For now he would enjoy what he could, while he could.

Griffin got higher up and looked down to see if he could spot Nicholas, but everyone looked like ants from this high up. This was going to be an excellent ride. Finally, it was Griff’s turn and he jumped into the opening in the tube. At first, it was dark and he was going extremely fast! There were lots of twists and turns as the tube wound its way down the hill. He thought he must be going 55 miles per hour! Then he saw a light at the end of the tunnel and, with a big splash, he was in the deep end of a giant pool. Griff whooped out a “Hell, yeah!”

Griff pulled himself out of the pool and looked around at the other waterslides. However, he decided that the only place he wanted to be was with Nicholas. Griffin walked down to the Lazy River and got his own tube. When he found Nicholas, Griff saw that he had dozed off on his tube. Griffin pulled himself onto Nicholas’ tube and got in right behind him and spoke loud enough to wake him, “Hey there, beautiful! I couldn’t stand being without you, so here I am!”

Nicholas jumped and said, “Aww, you didn’t have to come back so soon. Go ride some more waterslides.”

“I’m right where I wanna be. We can ride the towers together after lunch. We should always stay together and maximize our time before August.” Griffin said with a half-frown.

“That’s a deal. Always together,” Nicholas said and turned his head up for a quick kiss. They floated a while longer and then got a quick bite to eat. The guys spotted Casey and Jamie flirting with a table full of guys. “Oh my gosh! Look at them. They’re practically drooling on those guys,” Nicholas laughed.

“I drool over you every time I see you, Boo! And I can’t wait to catch you alone later tonight,” Griff said with a wink.

“Stop it! You’re making me blush, Peaches. Let’s go hit those waterslides!” Nicholas said, stealing another quick kiss and grabbing Griff’s hand. They walked toward the tower waterslides.

The guys rode all the rides together and then decided to hit the wave pool for a while. Suddenly, both girls ran over and told them that they were going to a party they’d been invited to with a bunch of people. “Okay, ladies, but please be safe and watch your drinks at all times. Have fun, but don’t stay out too late” said Nicholas.

“Yes, Daddy Nicholas. Jeez, we’ll be careful. We know everyone from school. They’re really nice, but we promise to be extra careful,” Jamie said with just a hint of attitude.

It was getting late, so Nicholas and Griffin hurried to the locker room to change clothes. “This has been an amazing day together, Boo,” Griff said and jumped in the shower to rinse off the chlorine with Nicholas right behind him.

“I loved every second of it. Now it’s time to get to our next adventure,” said Nicholas as he dried off and got dressed. He looked up as Griffin stepped out of the shower, too. Nicholas let out a wolf whistle. “How come I never ever saw you this way before now. You’re so freaking hot that you send goosebumps all over me, among other things. I’m so lucky that you never gave up on me and now I have you as my main man. I love you so much, Griff.”

“Thanks, Boo, but you’re way hotter than I could ever be,” Griffin smirked and finished getting dressed.

They finished up in the locker room and Nicholas placed the order for an Uber to pick them up. Griffin gathered up their backpacks and made sure he had their tickets for the mystery dinner theater. They walked out of the locker room just as the Uber arrived. They got in and searched their backpacks for the disposable phones they were given when they made the dinner reservations. Everyone in the restaurant could potentially become involved in the production. The show producer would text them with what was about to happen, if it involved them.

The boys talked about what they were about to do and then they arrived at their destination. They paid the driver and scheduled a time for him to return to pick them up. They slowly walked to the door of an enormous mansion. The master of ceremonies welcomed them in and sat them at a table, which had placards with their names on them. About twenty-five people were in the room, including ten stage actors.

“Griff, this dinner looks delicious! Steak, baked potatoes, salad with dandelions, and broccoli with a cheese sauce. Looks like everyone else got white wine, but they gave us the sweet tea and bottled water that we ordered,” said Nicholas.

“I know this is so cool!” Griff replied. As they started eating, the various actors began the drama. A couple of people disappeared. There was yelling and several people left the room in different directions. Griffin got a text message to get up and go to the bathroom. “Hey, Boo, I have to go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back, ok?” Griff said as he left the table.

Nicholas was unaware of the text message that Griffin had received. Screams were heard as the lights went out and a voice yelled out, “Stay calm, everyone. The lights will be right back on.”

Nicholas sat up and looked for Griffin. “Where is he?” Nicholas thought to himself. The lights came back on and then a woman came running into the room with blood all over her dress.

“Please, somebody, help! My husband has been attacked and killed! Please help me!” She screamed and then fainted and fell to the floor.

“Everyone, please remain calm and stay seated. We will lock the doors until the police get here,” a large, burly man said to the group. “Please take notice of who’s missing from the tables.”

“You! Young man, didn’t you come with someone? Where is your friend?” someone yelled to Nicholas.

“He just went to the bathroom, but he hasn’t come back,” Nicholas said hurriedly.

About that time, Griff walked back to the table and sat down. “Uh, what did I miss Nicholas?” Griff asked.

“Only the murder! Jeez! I told you not to leave me!” exclaimed Nicholas.

Nicholas hadn’t seen Griffin read any of the messages from his disposable phone and got excited. “Oh my god! You’re a suspect in this now! This is way cool,” Nicholas said.

For the next hour to hour and a half, the play went on and the boys were trying to figure out who committed the murder. Nicholas looked at Griff’s clothes, and there was a little blood on them. He asked Griffin if he cut himself today at the waterpark. Griff said, “Oh yeah, I scraped my wrist on one of the rides today.”

Things progressed and everyone was asked to write on a piece of paper who they thought committed the murder. Griff guessed Mr. Oberon and Nicholas wrote down Griffin’s name. He deduced that Griffin was indeed a part of the story and the murderer! The big reveal was announced and it was Griffin that committed the murder. The story was that he was jealous of the man and how successful in building a fortune he was while ruining the town. Congratulations were given to Nicholas and one other person who got it right and, with that, the play was over.

“Oh my goodness, Griff! We have to do this again sometime in another city. This was so much fun!” Nicholas exclaimed with joy.

“Yeah, it was awesome and I like how they include everyone in the plot without telling them until the last minute,” Griff said.

They went outside and got into their Uber and called Casey and Jamie to check on them. They decided to stay over at a girlfriend’s house tonight and return to the RV early in the morning. They assured the boys that they were both safe and sound.

“You know what that means, don’t you, babe? It means we have the whole RV to ourselves, all night long,” Griff said with a sexy grin.

“You are so right, Peaches,” Nicholas said and went in for a kiss. They continued to kiss all the way home, and their hands were roaming. Before they noticed that the car had stopped, the driver cleared his throat.

Griffin blushed. “Sorry, dude,” he said to the driver.

“Well, we made it home,” Nicholas laughed nervously. “You pay the driver and I’ll go in and get everything situated.”

As Nicholas disappeared into the RV, Griffin chatted with the driver for a few minutes about the play. Then he paid him and watched him drive off. Griffin turned and went inside the RV to join his boyfriend for a night of fun.

The RV Chronicles (Chapter 22)

Chapter 22

Written by: (Phoenix2020)

After devouring every morsel of Nicholas’ scrumptious fixin’s, Ian and Andy made convenient excuses and departed, leaving Casey, Jamie, and the boys to clean up. They determined to leave the beach area in the same shape as they found it, if not better. Griffin and Nicholas continued their flirtatious banter with the girls matching them with their teasing barbs. Finally, Nicholas surveyed their beach spot with his meticulous eyes and decided that it passed muster, so they all headed home.

While taking turns showering, Jamie claiming first dibs, they each became absorbed in their own quiet space. Casey had discovered the cache of books that Nicholas had brought along, his “Top 20 Novels” collection, as he referred to it. She squealed when she came across ‘Gone With the Wind’ and begged to borrow it. Nicholas graciously consented, always eager to share his literary treasures with an enthusiastic audience, and she settled onto the sofa to dive in.

Griffin sat at the kitchen table and began to browse the photos he’d taken during the day, mostly on the cruise around Chesapeake Bay, editing them a bit as he went along. It suddenly occurred to him that he should set up a separate Instagram page from his personal page to chronicle their RV excursions and adventures, like Nicholas’ travel journal. Maybe one day they could even combine the two into a book!

Nicholas, ironically, had stretched out on their bed to update his journal with the events of the past several days. He’d not had the time since before the unexpected arrival of their traveling companions. In fact, he’d not even taken the time to talk to his mom and tell her about Casey and Jamie. He and Griffin both needed to make sure they called home tomorrow morning before heading out. Both their moms were good about giving them space and not expecting daily updates, but after three days, texts and voicemail messages would commence at an alarming rate!

Jamie emerged from the bathroom, and Griffin told Casey to go ahead, as he was in the middle of setting up his ‘RV Chronicles’ Insta page. Grabbing the remote, Jamie began to browse Netflix and stumbled across ‘The River Thief,’ which starred her very most favoritest actor, Joel Courtney. Her stepmonster had killed their Netflix account after their mom died so this was a sorely-missed luxury for Jamie. Casey could have her books, but Jamie needed visual entertainment.


A couple of hours later, Casey and Jamie had crashed on their sofa bed while Nicholas and Griffin were finally enjoying some intimate togetherness in the comfort of their bedroom and testing the memory of their foam mattress. Both boys felt they were dangerously close to bursting, in more ways than one. Griffin came up for air long enough to turn on the bedside bluetooth speaker and scroll through his Spotify app to locate an appropriate playlist to fit the mood and provide some cover to the tunes emanating from the bed.

“Let me see that,” Nicholas demanded. He always knew just the right song for the moment, and this was no exception. Almost immediately, Exile began their sultry accompaniment, and Nicholas crooned right along with them …

“When you get home babe, gonna light your fire

All day I’ve been thinking about you babe you’re my one desire

Gonna wrap my arms around you and hold you next to me

Oh, baby wanna taste your lips I wanna be your fantasy


I don’t know what I’d do without you babe don’t know where I’d be

You’re not just another lover no you’re everything to me

Every time I’m with you baby can’t believe it’s true

When you’re laying in my arms, and you do the things you do

You can see it in my eyes I can feel it in your touch

You don’t have to say a thing just let me show how much

Love you

Need you

Yeah babe

I wanna kiss you all over, and over again

I wanna kiss you all over

Till the night closes in.”

“Damn, Boo, do it!” Griffin moaned. “Kiss me all over! Take me now!”

Not having to be told twice, Nicholas did just that. Detaching his lips from Griffin’s, he began an excruciatingly slow tour down Griff’s body with the ultimate goal of kissing, tasting and savoring every square inch. With hands roaming wherever they could reach, both boys writhed, attempting to press as much flesh together as physically possible while also trying to keep their vocal responses at a volume level that would not attract the attention of their guests.

Nicholas caressed a hip with one hand, ran the other through Griff’s hair and licked, nibbled, and nipped at his nips causing Griffin to arch his back in ecstasy unlike any he’d ever experienced. Yes, the boys had enjoyed sex with each other in their past “friends with benefits” lives, but this was a whole different, and new, world. They were blissfully discovering the difference between sex and making love.

Griffin’s hands were not idle, either, with his left hand squeezing Nicholas’ buttcheek and his right roaming his Boo’s inner thighs, discovering much to explore there. When he finally grasped Nicholas’ rigid boyness, all Nicholas could do was growl, “YES!” Four firm stokes later and Nicholas, with an “Oh, Griff!” released too many days worth of pent up sexual frustration all over Griffin’s playground.

Pausing just long enough to catch his breath, Nicholas quickly navigated down Griffin’s quivering belly to return the favor. Nicholas had always had an oral fixation, and he was not about to rely on his hand to return the favor. Within seconds, Griffin’s eyes rolled back in his head, and Nicholas had to seal Griff’s mouth with his hand to squelch the stream beginning to emerge while another stream began to emerge into Nicholas.

The boys melted together while coming down from highs unlike any that either had ever experienced. But their “first night” was only beginning. They had quickly and easily succeeded in taking the edge off, but then the real love-making began … slowly, intimately, beautifully, perfectly. For the next two hours, they loved each other deeply, both more invested in providing the other with as much pleasure as was physically possible and expressing their love for the other in every way they could conceive.

Finally, exquisitely exhausted, Nicholas and Griffin managed to summon enough energy to tug the sheets off the bed and toss them in the corner. Dressing the mattress with a fresh fitted sheet, they fell back on the mattress and threw a cotton sheet across themselves and were asleep almost by the time their heads hit the pillows. The last thoughts they each had were pretty much the same. It was a night that neither would ever forget and both hoped to repeat many more times.


Griffin, as usual, woke first and bent towards Nicholas to wake him with a kiss, not the least bit concerned about morning breath. “Hmmm … good morning, Peaches,” Nicholas whispered. “I had the most beautiful dream.”

“We will be having that dream many more nights, Boo!” Griffin promised. “I wonder if the girls … uh … noticed anything.”

“I honestly don’t think I care. I was worried a bit about that before, but now, I’m just not. It was beautiful and perfect.”

After pulling on shorts and t-shirts and putting the bed and room back together, the boys went to see if Casey and Jamie were up. They were still out cold, so Griffin headed for the bathroom while Nicholas went to see what was available for breakfast. Discovering the rations in extremely short supply, he made an executive decision that they would be heading back to the diner they enjoyed their first day in Chesapeake Beach for breakfast.

While he was bopping around in the kitchen, both girls rose from their slumber and offered weak “good mornings.”

“Good morning,” Nicholas responded a bit warily. “Uh, how did you sleep?”

“I haven’t slept like that in months!” said Casey. “I didn’t even realize how tired I was.”

“I slept really well, too. How did you sleep, Nicholas?” Jamie asked, with a slight smirk. “Or did you sleep?”

Griffin chose that moment to stride out of the bathroom, hair reaching in every possible direction, in time to hear Jamie’s inquiry. “Oh, we slept. Believe me when I say … we were exhausted!”

“SO!” Nicholas quickly jumped in. “Who’s ready for some breakfast and a fun day at the Chesapeake Beach Water Park?”

The RV Chronicles (Chapter 21)

Chapter 21

Written by: (KenW9270)

“We made it just in time!” Nicholas said, nearly collapsing onto the picnic table underneath the sign that read: “Chesapeake Windsail Cruises.”

“Yeah, it definitely takes longer to get ready when you have to wait for two girls to get out of the shower!” Griffin rolled his eyes and grinned at Casey and Jamie.

“You totally took longer than I did!” Jamie gave a good-natured shove to Griff’s shoulder.

“I’ll set a stop-watch next time.” Griff laughed.

“Besides, you two overslept from all your partying last night!” Jamie retorted.

“Are those the guys that we’re meeting down by the boat?” Casey asked.

“Yes. That’s them. Let’s go. We’re supposed to leave in five minutes.” Nicholas got up from the picnic table and led the way down to the docks.

Andy waved to them as they approached. “Hey, guys. I’m so glad you invited us along! This looks cool. I wanted Ian to go on this, but the minimum number of passengers was four, so we weren’t gonna do it.”

“Well, we have six now,” Nicholas said. “Andy, this is Casey and Jamie. Girls, this here is Andy, and over there talking to the captain is his boyfriend, Ian.”

“Are ALL gay guys hot?” Jamie groaned.

“Behave, little sis.” Casey chided.

“Like you didn’t think the same thing.” Jamie retorted and stuck her tongue out at her sister.

“Well, I’ll take the compliment. But to be accurate, I’m bi, but I’m also taken.” Andy winked at Jamie.

“Good to know. If your status ever changes, snap me.” She grinned.

Ian ran over. “Hey, guys…err… and girls. The captain says we’re ready to go.” They all picked up their backpacks and got on the boat.


About an hour into the cruise, Griffin tuned everything else out and took photos of the beautiful scenery. He was so focused on what he was doing that he nearly lost his balance when the boat hit some choppy waves and bounced around a bit. He grabbed the rail and kept a tight grip on his camera. Griff was just about to refocus his camera when he heard a scream. He looked around for his companions and met Jamie’s eyes.

“It’s Andy! He fell overboard!” Jamie yelled to Griffin as she grabbed a life vest and jumped overboard.

Nicholas raced to the side of the boat, “Andy! Jamie!” He turned toward Griff. “Griff go get…” The rest of his words died in his throat as he witnessed Griffin also dive overboard, life vest in hand. “Crap!” He yelled and sprinted toward the captain.


In the water, Griff swam up beside Jamie and Andy. “Are you guys ok? Can you both swim? I brought an extra vest.”

Andy spit up more water. “I can swim but not very good. Jamie probably saved my life!” He said while he struggled to put on the life vest. “I should have been wearing a vest from the start, but I wanted to look cool for Ian.”

“Life vest or no, you look hot, not cool,” Jamie said.

“Do you ever stop, girl?” Griffin laughed.

“Sorry, not sorry.” She stuck her tongue out at Griff.

“You’re pretty hot yourself, Jamie. If I were single, I’d definitely snap you.” Andy grinned.

“Thank God they’re coming back for us. I wouldn’t want to puke on the two of you.” Griff rolled his eyes.


Ian and Casey were already at the captain’s side by the time Nicholas arrived. The captain slowed the boat and turned back toward the lost passengers. All three rushed to the side of the boat to yell directions back to the captain. “Stop! We’re right next to them!” Yelled Ian as he tossed a rope overboard.

Andy was the first one up the rope, and Ian grabbed him in an enormous bear hug and pulled him down into the yacht’s seating area and checked to make sure he was ok. He asked him numerous times if he needed to go back and go to the hospital. Andy reassured Ian that he was perfectly fine.

Jamie was the next one up the rope and was greeted by her sister. Andy ran over and hugged her. “Casey, your sister saved my life! She’s a hero!” He kissed Jamie’s cheek and ran back over to Ian.

Casey smirked. “Don’t you go getting a crush on him, little sis. He’s in a relationship.”

“I know. I know. He’s so freaking cute though!” Jamie gushed.

Griffin came up the rope last. Nicholas grabbed him around the waist. “You’re determined to save everyone on this trip, aren’t you?”

“Hey, I’m not the one who saved the guy from choking in the restaurant.” Griff laughed.

Nicholas ran his fingers through Griff’s wet, strawberry blonde hair. He laced his fingers together and pulled Griff’s head down, and their lips met. Griffin’s eyes opened wide in surprise, and his lips parted as he started to say something. Nicholas’ tongue darted into Griff’s open mouth and deepened the kiss. Griff’s hands slid down Nicholas’ body and rested on his slim hips. The sounds of whistles and cheers reminded the boys that they weren’t alone and they grudgingly parted. “Don’t keep scaring me, Griffin. Now that we’re together, I don’t ever want to lose you.”

“You won’t ever lose me, Nicholas. I’ve loved you since we were five. I’ve probably been in love with you since we were thirteen. You’re stuck with me forever.” Griff blushed and turned away to look for his camera.


The rest of the cruise was fun but uneventful. The six friends arrived back at the dock right at noon, and they walked to the Rod’n’Reel Restaurant where they had lunch reservations set up through Windsail Cruises. Lunch was spent in equal parts congratulating Jamie and Griffin on their quick thinking and teasing Griffin and Nicholas about their toe-curling kiss. “Next topic, please,” Nicholas said, as his cheeks burned a bright red.

“What’s our plan for the afternoon? Are we still hanging out?” Andy asked.

“We are spending the afternoon and evening at Breezy Point Beach. You and Ian are more than welcome to join us.” Nicholas answered.


Griffin got out of the water and sat on the sand, waiting for Jamie to catch up to him. She was a fast swimmer, but Griff was faster. He looked to his left and saw Casey, Ian, and Andy tossing a frisbee around. Then he looked off to his right and saw Nicholas at the barbecue grill. Griff’s stomach rumbled as the odors from the barbecue wafted close enough for him to smell.

Jamie plopped down on the sand next to Griffin. “Wow. I thought I was a good swimmer, but you killed me out there. You’re amazing!”

“You should see me on my board.” Griff winked. “You’re an excellent swimmer. I’m just out there as much as possible. I have been since I was like ten years old. I love swimming. I love surfing even more.”

“It shows. Whenever you guys settle down, it should totally be on the ocean. It would be such a shame for you to not be out there doing your thing. I could see you as a lifeguard on a California beach.” Jamie giggled. “Like that old show Baywatch. You totally have the bod for it too.”

“Thanks,” Griff laughed. “You ready for dinner?”

“OMG, yes! Whatever Nicholas is cooking over there smells heavenly!”

“He mixes a lot of spices into his burgers. Back home, they’d be fresh from his mom’s herb garden. Out here, we have to settle for store-bought dried herbs.”

“Whatever it is, it smells delicious. I’ll go get Casey and the other guys. I’ll see you back at the picnic table.”

Griffin sauntered over to the barbecue grill. “That smells delicious, Boo. Jamie said the same thing. Is it just about ready?”

“Yeah. Maybe five more minutes. Can you hand me those plates, please?”

Griff turned and grabbed the stack of plates and placed them on the table next to the grill. “Your plates, sir.”

Nicholas looked up at Griffin with a thoughtful expression. “Griff, you said earlier that you’ve been in love with me for five years, ever since we were thirteen!” His face got a look of intense concentration. “How come you didn’t say anything sooner?”

Griffin smiled a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. “You weren’t ready. You are now. Now is our time. If I had told you back then, it might have ended our friendship. I took what you were willing to give. I would have waited forever for you, Nicky. I love you with all my heart.”

Nicholas nearly melted right where he stood. “I’ll let you get away with that ‘Nicky’ because, what you just said, that was beyond a perfect answer. I love you too, Peaches.” Nicholas leaned in and gave Griff a quick tender kiss.

“Aww! Look at them again! You two are the cutest couple ever!” Jamie squealed.

“Thank you, Miss Jamie. Now it’s time to sit down and eat those delicious burgers.”

Nicholas grabbed Griff’s arm and held him back while the others took their seats. “How’s the rash?”

Griff’s eyes widened, and then he blushed. “It’s gone, but now we have guests.”

“We’ll figure something out one of these nights. Soon.” Nicholas grinned.

“Definitely, lover boy, but for now let’s eat.” Griff took Nicholas’ hand and led him to the picnic table to join their friends for dinner.

The RV Chronicles (Chapter 20)

Chapter 20

Written by: (Flash2002)

“We are sending you on the bus to Washington, DC to see the National Zoo today. Here’s enough money for food and whatever else you may want. After it closes, go to the movies and watch a show and eat dinner. We’ll be at the theater to pick both of you up tonight. Be safe, ladies, and have fun!” Nicholas said.

“Thank you for letting us do this. It’s been a long time since we’ve been allowed to do anything fun. We’re going to the bus now,” Casey said. “See you guys later.”

“We better get a move on so we can fit everything into the schedule I have planned for my sweet boo,” Griff quipped.

“Just wait a few minutes. Come here. We haven’t gotten to kiss and cuddle yet. I missed that today,” Nicholas giggled.

The two kissed and shared affections for a few minutes. Then Nicholas bounced up and headed out the door. Griffin paused for a minute, though. “I have to go to the bathroom. Go ahead outside, and I’ll be right with you, Nicholas.” He was kinda embarrassed at the effect the short make-out session had on him, so he used the bathroom excuse to let things calm down a bit. He had become really excited, and the necessary pause allowed things to return to normal once again.

Back outside, they started their journey for the day. “Where to first today, Griffmeister?” Nicholas laughingly said.

“Keep up with me, and you’ll see. You’re goofy,” he chuckled back. “Griffmeister? Really?”

The boys rode and took in all the different sights and arrived down by the bay at a big store full of everything for surfing. “We’re here. Let’s go inside,” Griffin said with a big smile.

“What are we doing here?” Nicholas asked, puzzled.

“Well, we’re here to buy you your own bodysuit for surfing. I’m not the only one wearing this today,” Griff explained.

“I’m not wearing a wetsuit all day! You look hot in yours, but I’ll look silly, Griff. Why should I wear one of those? We’re only going to be in shallow water today,” Nicholas pleaded.

“Ummmm, I fibbed to you last night. After we visit the museum, we’re going to a surfing training center, and you’re going to be trained by the friend that taught me, Pablo. He’s turned pro and is ripping it up on the Pro Surfing Tour. He’s won many competitions, and I called him since we were here this week. So get ready! I want you feeling confident when we go out on the ocean together.”

“What!?! No way! You’re joking, right?”

“Alright, go try these on, and I’ll be over in a minute,” Griff said.

Nicholas went into the dressing room and started to try the first one on. He looked in the mirror and gasped.

“Come on out. Show me, babe,” Griff shouted.

“Uh, no way! We have a problem, so you come here,” Nicholas said.

“I’m not coming out,” he whispered when Griffin came to the door. “It shows off my package and butt too much! It’s embarrassing!”

Griffin grabbed the door that Nicholas was leaning on and suddenly pulled him out to see how he looked. “O M G, you look hot, babe! Damn, I should be worried because somebody will try to steal you from me!” Griff shouted, causing everyone in the store to look at Nicholas. Some of those people whistled at him.

“I’m gonna hurt you, Griff! But what do you think, seriously?” Nicholas said blushing.

“Try a few more on,” Griffin answered.

After trying on many, the boys picked out a very nice suit. They paid for it, and Griffin made Nicholas put it on.

They proceeded to the Bruce “Snake” Gabrielson’s Surfing Museum and Surf Art Gallery and started looking at all the artwork and surfboards and reading the placards on the history of surfing and how far it had progressed. As a matter of fact, it was now being talked about as a Summer Olympics sport. They lost track of time, but the curator came over and said that their time was up. It was by reservation only right now, and he was leaving for lunch.

“Wow! So much amazing stuff and so little time to see it,” Griff said.

“It is so very awesome, but I’m glad we got to see it today,” Nicholas said. “I’m hungry. Let’s get a bite to eat.”

The boys went to a little bistro and ate a light lunch together, their conversation going from the Casey and Jamie to Pablo to what to expect today in the training session. They cleaned up and headed off to the Pro Surfing Training Center that recently opened up.

“We’re here. Let’s lock up the bikes and head inside,” Griffin said.

Nicholas had grown quiet and followed Griffin inside to the front desk where they were greeted by the receptionist. “Hello, welcome to our facility. How can I help you?”

“We have an appointment with Pablo,” Griff said.

“Oh, hi! Welcome! You’re his VIP guests. He told me all about you, so let me take you to our training area. He’s doing a run in our wave generating machine.”

“Wow! That is so awesome! Look at those waves and tricks he’s doing. OMG, he’s outstanding Griff!” Nicholas said with excitement in his voice. “I’m humbled he would take time to help me. Look at that! Damn, he ripped that wave, and he’s riding the tubes so smoothly.”

“Yeah, he’s terrific and he teaches so well. He was patient with me and let me fail at stuff so that I could feel what it was like. He and I were friends early on, and he has gone on to win a lot of competitions,” Griff said proudly.

Pablo came over and introduced himself to Nicholas and hugged and banged chests with Griff. “What’s up, buddy? How’s life treating you lately? I’m happy to meet your Nicky, finally. The way you described him, I’m not surprised you have become boyfriends.”

“Dude, it’s great to see you. Thanks for helping teach Nicholas some new tricks,” Griff said.

“And now to Nicholas. What are some of your worries about the ocean and surfing?” Pablo asked with a smile. “I’m here to answer your questions and to help you.”

“I’m afraid I have no balance and will fall off and drown, or I’ll crash into some rocks,” Nicholas answered back. “And I’m kinda nervous about sharks eating me alive, or I might lose my board.”

“That’s awesome, you’re way ahead of the game. You’ve let your fears be known, and now we can address them,” Pablo said. “First, we will work on your balance with our simulator. Secondly, that fear of drowning is genuine. Always keep that but keep it under control. Fearing something is often a good thing. Now crashing into rocks and getting a concussion is only possible if you get into the wrong area. Always know your surroundings and avoid areas that can harm you unless you are more experienced. As for sharks, you may see them. The important thing is to not flail around. Most of the time they’re more afraid of us than we are of them, but it can and has happened to surfers. Just observe the area that you surf. Scout it out before starting.”

“Okay, sounds good, but it’ll take some time to feel confident,” Nicholas answered back.

They headed over to the simulator which consisted of a surfboard on a machine. It had virtual reality waves to surf, and it had different levels of difficulty, from beginner to pro expert. Pablo went through the instructions with Nicholas carefully. Then Nicholas laid on the board with something around his leg holding him to the board. That helped him conquer his fear of losing his board out in the deep water. Next, he went through the simulation of paddling out to the waves. Then he moved on to standing up on the board. Nicholas was picking all of this up really well, but it was all computer-based and not real water yet. Next up was balancing on the board and this took him about thirty minutes to feel comfortable with. Last up was turns and where to put his feet on the board to turn it direction-wise. His footwork took about forty minutes with Griffin helping Nicholas by holding his hips and moving with him and guiding him the whole time.

“Okay, now out to the water to put your training to the test. Don’t worry, Griff will be out in the water with me to help you. We’re putting it on beginner speed.”

First, Nicholas paddled out to the waves. He passed that challenge easily and was so excited that he kissed Griffin with such a force that he fell over and was dunked. All of them laughed.

Now for standing up on his board when the waves came. This took a little bit of time to master because Nicholas kept losing his balance but, after a few hard tumbles, Nicholas got this down and was ready to ride some waves.

“Boo, you’re doing so good! I’m so proud of you, and I’m confident you’ll get this down pat, too,” Griffin gushed which made Nicholas smile big.

“Oh, Griff, thank you for doing this for me! I’ve had the best day that I’ve had in a long time. I’m so ready for this part, and then I’ll be ready to surf with you for real! I can’t wait to tell mom about today.”

It took several practice runs before Nicholas got his turns and movements on the surfboard down as Griff shouted instructions on where to go to him. As the boys got out of the water, Pablo high fived Nicholas and told him what a great student he had been. They said their goodbyes as Pablo had to get going to another appointment.

“Thanks, Pablo, so much! It was really fun, and I’m not so scared to go out and do this with Griff now.”

The boys got on their bikes and headed back to the RV.

As they entered the RV, Nicholas got out of his bodysuit and laid back on the sofa. “No, sir! No time for rest. Go get your shower and change into these,” Griffin said.

“What? Babe, I’m tired, and I need a nap badly. You wore me out in training today.”

“Nope, hop to it. I have another surprise for you,” Griff said.

“Fine, but just know I’m exhausted.” Nicholas hurried into the shower and then dressed while Griffin showered.

“Alright, our Uber will be here any minute,” Griffin implored Nicholas to hurry. “Let’s go outside and wait.”

“Alright, already! Geez, such a tease. Now, will you tell me where we’re going?”

“Haha, not yet! That’s for me to know and you to find out,” Griffin teased.

The Uber driver showed up and took them to a very fine dining establishment. The boys ate a romantic candlelit dinner and kissed and played footsies under the table throughout the meal. Hand in hand, they left the restaurant. It was dusk now, and they headed off to their next destination.

“Okay, now I’ll tell you the surprise. I got tickets to an outdoor symphony tonight for both of us. But it’s not just a normal symphony. Queen is there tonight performing all their great music, and I know how you love old-time rock music. Afterward, there’s a fireworks show!” Griff proudly exclaimed.

“Awe, thanks so much!” Nicholas said. “This is so sweet of you, babe!”

They embraced in the back seat, kissing each other with so much love. They arrived at the outdoor theater and took their seats. The conductor came out, and the symphony played a few songs. Then, over the loudspeaker, he announced the special guests of the night, Queen with Adam Lambert.

The crowd went nuts as “Bohemian Rhapsody” played and everyone sang with them. About two hours later, both boys’ voices were cracking, and the fireworks started going off.

“Oh, Griffin, this is one of the best days I’ve ever had! I love you so, so much! Nobody has ever done so much for me,” Nicholas said with tears in his eyes. Nicholas and Griffin kissed a lot during the fireworks and then went out to their Uber that was waiting for them.

With both guys exhausted, they picked up the girls at the movie theater and headed back to the RV. The girls were so tired they passed out before they arrived home. The Uber got them home, safe and sound, and Griffin paid the driver, including a generous tip, and they all thanked him. Casey and Jamie went inside and went right to bed. “Night, guys, talk to you in the morning.”

As Nicholas and Griffin stripped down to their drawers, they wished they were able to get naked and truly share their love together. They were utterly drained, however, so they kissed each other and drifted off to sleep knowing they had another full day ahead of them tomorrow.

The RV Chronicles (Chapter 19)

Chapter 19

Written by: (Phoenix2020)

Griffin awoke with a jerk and sat straight up. Not sure why he was suddenly on high alert, he listened carefully but heard nothing except Nicholas’ deep breathing beside him. He’d had to practically drag him to bed when he woke up in the living room with Nicholas’ head in his lap. Had he dreamed the noise or had it been … NO … there it was again, definitely real! It sounded like it was just on the other side of the wall behind the bed’s headboard, the back end of the RV. He not so gently nudged Nicholas. “Nicholas, wake up!”

“Huh? What is it?”

“Shhh … listen. Something’s happening outside on the other side of this wall.”

Practically holding their breaths, the boys listened and, again, a sound like metal on metal and then a thump and a mumbled curse.

“Someone’s out there! Our bikes!”

Nicholas was the first to spring into action, but Griffin was right behind him as they jerked their shorts on and quietly padded to the door. They both grabbed the flashlights kept in the storage compartment beside the door and then looked around for something to use to defend themselves, if necessary, but came up with nothing. Nicholas quietly unlocked the door and began to ease it open as Griffin quickly scooted over to the kitchen to grab the largest knife he could find.

The boys tiptoed along the side of the RV, Nicholas in the lead, with flashlights pointed at the ground. As they neared the rear of the RV, they could make out frantic whispers. Holding up a hand to stop Griffin, Nicholas motioned that they would jump out on “three”, then held up three fingers and began to lower them one at a time. As the last finger went down, Nicholas jumped out and screamed “FREEZE!” with Griffin stuck like glue to him. A duo of yelps erupted simultaneously, and the boys hit the source of the yelps with their flashlight beams.

“Please don’t hurt us! We’re sorry!” Standing frozen in their beams were two boys appearing to be roughly the same age as Nicholas and Griffin, with the shorter one cowering behind his buddy.

“What are you doing?” Griffin asked.

“Uh, well … we … uh, we’re trying to get to Pennsylvania and we saw your bikes this afternoon and we thought maybe you didn’t really need them since you have this nice RV and all and we don’t have anything and Pennsylvania is a long way to walk and we’re so sorry and we’ll just leave and we won’t bother you …”

“Whoa, just slow your roll, OK,” Nicholas said, raising his hands. “Who are you and why are you trying to walk to Pennsylvania?”

“My name is Casey and this is … uh … my little brother, Jamie. Our mom died last year and our stepdad is a monster so we left home and we’re trying to get to our mom’s sister in Pennsylvania. We mostly travel at night and we spent yesterday in those trees behind the campground. We saw your bikes and waited until we thought you’d be asleep to come get them. We wrote down your license number so we could find you and send you money for the bikes after we got to our aunt’s house, honest! See?” He held out his hand with the number written on it.

“Look, let’s go inside and talk before one of the other campers call the cops. Of course, that option is still on the table,” Nicholas said. “Drop your backpacks on the ground first.”


All four sat on the living room floor, drinking Snapple, as a much calmer Casey explained their situation. They had snuck out of their house four nights ago after their stepdad had come home drunk and wasted and, once again, became verbally abusive and then physically abusive. When he knocked Casey across the room, Jamie had managed to grab a baseball bat and hit him hard enough to knock him out. They had stuffed some clothes in their backpacks along with all the money they had and could get from their stepdad’s wallet and took off.

“Wow,” an empathetic Griffin said, “that’s awful. You hear about this kinda stuff but, honestly, I’ve never known anyone in that situation. I never realized until now how fortunate I’ve been.”

“Yeah,” agreed Nicholas, “me, too. How old are you guys?”

“I’m 18 and Casey just turned 20,” answered Jamie, speaking up for the first time.

“Well, it’s only 3:30 so why don’t you guys stay here and we’ll talk more in the morning and figure something out. You can sleep on the sofa bed. The bathroom is over there.”

“Thank you for being so nice after what we tried to do … stealing your bikes and all.”

“It’s alright. Desperate times, desperate measures and all that. I get it,” Nicholas nodded. “You will still be here in the morning, right?”

“Definitely!” they both stated emphatically.


Griffin and Nicholas laid in bed, discussing the situation. Both agreed that they couldn’t just put them out but neither was completely ready to totally trust them, either.

“Well, assuming they’re still here in the morning, we’ll talk more with them and decide then what to do,” Nicholas decided. “Let’s try to get some sleep.”

Griffin fell asleep almost as quickly as he’d awoken an hour ago. Nicholas struggled a bit to calm his mind but, eventually, he also drifted off.

As usual, Griffin was the first to wake and, less enthusiastically than was typical, he made his way to the bathroom. Fortunately, halfway across the bedroom, he remembered their guests and pulled his shorts on. Opening the bathroom door to the sound of a squeal, he froze in place.

“OH! I’m sorry … what the … !” Griffin just stared.

Grabbing a towel, Casey wrapped up but not before Griffin got a very clear and very unmistakable look at everything that made Casey undeniably … a girl … uh … a woman, actually!

He stumbled backward, pulling the door closed with him, and just stood there … processing.


“What now?” Nicholas thought as he quickly came out of the bedroom to see a shook and wide-eyed Griffin standing rigidly in front of the bathroom door, just as it opened.

Casey sheepishly emerged and Griffin whirled around. “Lucy, you got some ’splaining to do!!”

“What the hell is happening?” an only half-awake and quite confused Nicholas asked.

“He’s a she!”

“Please! I can explain,” Casey pleaded. “We thought it would be safer to travel if we pretended to be guys. That’s one of the reasons we travel at night. We’re both pretty tall and … ”

“Wait! We?” a now completely awake Nicholas stuttered. “Jamie is … ”

“My little sister, not my little brother.”


Nicholas and Griffin collected clean clothes and performed their morning ablutions, while Casey dressed in the living room and woke Jamie. She explained to Jamie that their subterfuge had been exposed … quite literally … and they both fretted that they would be booted out to fend for themselves again.

Over breakfast, they discussed the situation more. Nicholas and Griffin talked it over while making their bed and straightening up the bedroom as Casey and Jamie did the same with the sofa bed and living room and washed the breakfast dishes.

“So … we’ve talked about it and this is what we’ve come up with,” said Nicholas, coming back into the kitchen with Griffin trailing close behind. “First, do you have ID?”

“Why?” asked Jamie. “You don’t trust us?”

“Uh … a few hours ago we caught you trying to steal our bikes! Trust has to be earned,” Griffin declared.

“He’s right, Jamie,” a more pragmatic Casey responded. “Yes, we have our driver’s licenses.”

“Good. I’m not wanting to get arrested for kidnapping or transporting minors over state lines or anything like that,” Nicholas explained. “If you are, in fact, over 18 you may join us in our travels and we will get you to your aunt’s house in Pennsylvania. That is, if you want.”

“But, we are taking our time and it will probably be a week or two before we get there. We thought we might try to make Philadelphia by July 4th because … well, that would just be a cool place to celebrate Independence Day,” Griffin added.

“OH, WOW!! Yes!!” an elated Casey burst out. “That’s a lot sooner than we could’ve gotten there walking!”

“Or riding bikes,” quipped Griffin.

“There are conditions, though,” a serious Nicholas interjected. “First, you will stay with us wherever we go. We are not comfortable leaving you here in the RV while we’re out for the day … at least not yet. As Griffin said, trust has to be earned.”

“Absolutely! Agreed! Right, Jamie?”

“Definitely! You guys are angels, aren’t you?”

Nicholas and Griffin just looked at each other, blushing, and said in harmony … “He is!”

The RV Chronicles (Chapter 18)

Chapter 18
Written by: (KenW9270)

Nicholas woke up and groggily reached his hand out for Griffin. He felt nothing but an empty bed and struggled to open his eyes. 735 am. “Griff, where are you? Come back to bed!” He barely got the words out of his mouth and Griffin nearly bounced into the room and jumped on the bed.

“Get up, sleepy-head! The bus leaves in an hour!”

“The zoo. Ok, yeah, I’m up.”

“I’ll make breakfast while you shower, Boo. We should be ready in plenty of time.”

Nicholas heard voices when he turned off the shower. He cracked the door open, “Griff, is someone out there with you?”

“I’m FaceTiming with Emily. Make sure you put some pants on before you come out here.”
Nicholas heard Em’s voice, “Does he usually walk around naked? You said you guys were together now, but you didn’t say you were like… together like that! I want details!” Nicholas closed the bathroom door. He knew he had plenty of time to get ready, those two could talk forever.


After double checking that the RV was locked up tight, the boys walked the half mile down the beach to the bus stop. Nicholas laughed as he sent one last text before slipping his phone into his pocket. “My mom said for you to take plenty of pics at the zoo. She said that she didn’t follow your Instagram to look at shirtless selfies.”

“I have my camera right here in my backpack.” Griff kinda chuckled, “And yeah I do need better content on my Instagram.”

Nicholas smirked. “Your content is great. Maybe you need variety, but it can’t get better.”As they approached the bus stop, a pair of guys slightly older than them approached from the other direction. One of them, a tall blonde, spoke up, “Hey! It’s the hero from the restaurant! How’s it going, dude? Off to save more lives?”

Nicholas blushed. “You were there? Thank you but I’m not a hero. Just in the right place at the right time. We’re going to DC today to visit the zoo.”

“A modest hero. I like that. Well this is a coincidence. We’re here to catch the bus to the zoo! Oh, hell where are my manners? I’m Ian and this is my boyfriend, Andy. Do you guys wanna hang out at the zoo today? I think it should be a blast!”

Nicholas shrugged and looked at Griff. “What do ya think, Griff?”

“Sure. Why not.” Griff stuck his hand out to Ian. “I’m Griffin, and the modest hero is my boyfriend, Nicholas.” The bus pulled up and all four boys got on. They sat in the back, Nicholas and Griff on one side and Ian and Andy on the other.

“What do you guys want to see first when we get there?” Asked Andy.

Griff pointed at Nicholas. “He is the planner. He even printed a park map last night.”

Nicholas rolled his eyes. “You say ‘planner’ like it’s a bad thing. I just want us to maximize our time and get the most fun out of all these places. We may never do something like this again!”

“You guys on an extended road trip or something?” Ian asked.

“Traveling in an RV. Pretty much wherever we want to go, except we have to have Griff at college by late August.”

“Were you coming from the RV park when we saw you? We’re in that same park! How long are you guys gonna be in town?”

“Yeah we’re staying at that park. Staying another 4 or 5 days.”

“So, what was your zoo plan? We’re almost there.” Andy piped in.

Nicholas took the map out of his backpack. “It says to visit the pandas first or it’ll get too busy, and we’ll never see them. Also, the Bird House and part of the petting zoo are closed for construction. The map is color coded. Our entrance is halfway down the orange section. If we go from orange to green, we can eat next to the lions and then move into purple and back to the rest of the orange section and hopefully be at the bus gate on time.”

Andy was peering over Nicholas’ shoulder at the map. “I love how you organized it. That does look like the best route.” The bus stopped. They were at the DC National Zoo.


“Those pandas were so cute!” Andy cooed.

“Totally! The trip was already a success in my opinion!” Nicholas said.

“Where to next?” Andy asked.

“The bison then the elephants. See. It’s right here on the map.” Nicholas pointed at the map he had given to Andy. The two boys were shoulder to shoulder, peering at the map, walking a little ahead of their boyfriends.

Ian arched an eyebrow at Griffin and nodded toward Nicholas and Andy. “Should we be worried about those two?”

“Nah. Not at all. That’s just the way he is. Nicholas has my complete trust. It’s just that he’s never had a lot of friends. Especially not gay guys our age. That’s why we left our hometown.” He motioned toward the two boys ahead of them, “You have absolutely nothing to worry about.” Griffin stopped to snap a few photos of the bison. “They are such majestic and beautiful creatures. It’s so sad that humans almost wiped them out.”

“I agree. Humans are probably more destructive than anything else on the planet. So, you left home for college, right? Where are you going?”

“Ohio State.”

“Good school. So, will Nicholas go back home after he drops you off?”

“Not right away. He wants to see the country. Our town sucks. We do miss our families, but they understood our need to get out.” Griff said, in between snapping pics of the elephants.

Nicholas walked up and wrapped his arms around Griff’s waist. He looked over at Ian. “Yes, we do have very understanding families. I miss my mom a lot, but like Griff said, I just needed to get out of there. I don’t know if I’ll hit all 48 states, but there’s a lot that I want to see before I even think about going back to North Carolina.”

“Oh awesome!” They heard Andy yell and they all rushed over. Andy was ahead of them at the tiger exhibit and one of the tigers was swimming in the river the zoo had made for them, right up close to the plexiglass enclosure. Griff hurriedly began taking both video and photos.

Nicholas, Ian, and Andy were all practically pressed against the plexiglass watching the tigers while Griff was busy taking pictures. Finally, it was time to move on. “That was so cool!” Nicholas said.
“I can’t believe we saw them so close. They’re way bigger than I thought they’d be!” Andy shouted excitedly.

After they moved on from the tigers, it was time to stop for lunch. They all bought commemorative zoo cups, each with a different animal on it. They devoured a quick lunch of chicken tenders and french fries and iced tea. They began their return trip through the other half of the zoo. First stop: Amazonia.

“I only see one of the Andean bears. Do you see it, Griff? Can you get a good pic?” Nicholas asked.

“I got it. The design on its face and chest is very distinctive. I hope it shows up in the photo.”

“Too bad only one was out. The other one must be in the enclosure.” Ian said.

“I’m just glad you don’t have to quote my favorite Ian and ask, ‘Will there be any dinosaurs on this dinosaur tour?’ We’ve been lucky so far.” Griff laughed.

“Well, if I’m not your favorite Ian, at least you picked a good one in Ian Malcolm. I love ‘Jurassic Park.’”

There were a bunch of small exhibits with frogs and snakes and spiders that Griff was busy taking photographs of, so Nicholas walked with Andy. “Where are you guys heading, Andy?”

“Atlantic City next, then back south. We’ll stay near my parents in Savannah for the winter.“
“Cool. How long have you been together?”

“Three years next month. We met in college. I was a sophomore and he was a senior. This trip is my graduation present. How about you and Griff. Seems like you’ve been together for a while too.”

“We’ve been best friends forever. Literally since kindergarten. But we only recently, on this trip, took the step to be boyfriends.”

“That’s so sweet. You’re both so nice. And gorgeous.” Andy blushed.

“Thanks! You two are too, to be honest.”

Griff sauntered over, putting his camera back in his backpack. “If you two are done flirting, there’s something you should see over here.” Griff was giggling.

Nicholas looked horrified, “I… we… were… not!”

Griff stepped in close and wrapped his arms around Nicholas. He nuzzled his face into Nicholas’ neck and whispered in his ear. “You were, but I know it was innocent and I don’t care. You’re mine. Now come check this out.”

“And you’re mine. Equal partnership. Which exhibit?”

Ian was waving them over. “Oh my God! The sounds are what’s killing me!” He was nearly doubled over with laughter. Nicholas, Griff, and Andy joined Ian and looked into the exhibit. The scene below was of two red-footed tortoises putting on quite a show. The one in the back was obviously enjoying himself. The clicks and clacks of the shells banging together and the high-pitched moans of the turtle on the bottom was making quite the impression on all who witnessed it. Nicholas noticed a mother pulling her young daughter away from the exhibit and say, “Oh honey. look at these cute monkeys over here.”

The four boys were still laughing hysterically when they exited the other end of Amazonia. Griff looked at his phone. “We haven’t quite seen everything, but I think we should end this with the turtle sex show and get back to the bus gate.”

Andy grabbed Ian’s hand and pulled him along. “Today was really fun. We should hang out some more before we all leave.”

“For sure. We can exchange info on the bus. Speaking of which, let’s get on that bus before we get stuck in the city.”


After walking for eight hours in the hot summer sun, all four boys took naps on the bus ride back to Chesapeake Beach. The bus dropped them off just after 7 pm. and they headed back to their respective RV’s.

Once back in the RV, Griffin collapsed onto the couch and kicked off his shoes, while Nicholas started putting stuff away out of their backpacks. “What do you wanna do for the rest of the night, Peaches?”
“Nothing that involves walking, Boo. I’m beat.”

“I’ll throw in some popcorn. You pick us out a movie.”

Nicholas slid in next to Griff. Griff wrapped his arm around Nicholas and pulled him close. “What’d ya pick?”

“It’s called ‘We Bought a Zoo’ I figured I’d keep our zoo theme for the day.”

“Sounds cool. Here’s the popcorn.” Nicholas laid his head on Griff’s shoulder and yawned. “It was a really fun day today at the zoo with those other guys.”

“It was. You decide what you wanna do tomorrow yet?”

“No. We can look at the brochures again when we get to bed.”

Griff started the movie and Nicholas said, “Is that the guy from ‘Under the Dome’?”

“Yeah. Colin Ford. I’ve seen him in a few things. Great actor and pretty hot too.”

“Agreed.” Nicholas said, as he snuggled in even closer to Griffin. The popcorn lay at their feet, forgotten, and both boys were sound asleep in each other’s arms before the movie had ended.