Let Christmas Into Your Heart

The blizzard blanketed our tiny town,

Shutting each and every road down.

It’s Christmas Eve, no one’s around,

The howling wind is the only sound.

The tinsel sparkles silver and gold,

The fire warms us from the cold.

We talked deep into the night,

Then a strange sound gave us a fright.

Up on the roof, out in the snow,

The tinkling of bells and a “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

Our fire blinked out, replaced by the sight,

Of a man dressed in red with a long beard of white.

I squeezed the hand of the boy by my side,

I looked at him, his eyes opened wide.

I knew that he saw the same thing as me,

And we both knew that this just couldn’t be.

Before our wondering eyes, in a blink,

The man dressed in red gave us a wink.

He put presents from his sack under our tree,

Then with a smile, he looked right at me.

Young man, I know your belief is no more,

That you think Christmas is simply a bore.

Christmas is more than the gifts that I bring,

It’s a time for hope and to let love ring.

Then as Santa turned to go,

He gave me a gift, wrapped in a bow.

Then he was gone, in a flash,

The fireplace empty, except for the ash.

Hearing a clip and a clop over my head,

I knew that Santa had returned to his sled.

I knew he’d gone on to some other place,

And a happy smile appeared on my face.

Tears streamed from my eyes, I knew this was the start,

I knew I’d let Christmas back into my heart.

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