The Naughty List

Santa smiled to himself,

At the scurrying of each elf.

Christmas Eve had come at last,

Now things needed to move fast.

Around the world in one night,

Every year a record flight.

Nine little reindeer, a big bag of toys,

For all the good girls and boys.

A sack full of coal was what he had,

If those kids had been bad.

Santa hated the Naughty List,

He scowled and shook one red-gloved fist.

He took out his magical pen,

Crossed off three names, circled ten.

Some kids just needed to believe,

So, he’d grant them a reprieve.

Instead of coal, they’d get to see,

A glimpse of Santa by their tree.

The sleigh was packed, time to go,

Santa took off with a Ho! Ho! Ho!

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