The Food at Christmas

A snowflake landed on my nose,

Chilling me down to my toes.

I’d go in by the fire,

But the guy that I desire.

Likes to play out in the snow,

Why he does this, I just don’t know.

Sledding, skiing, and skating too,

All the wintry things to do.

Later on, we’ll go back inside,

And under blankets, we will hide.

We’re finally warm, inside and out,

Then from the kitchen, we hear a shout.

Christmas dinner is finally done,

We’re so hungry we almost run.

After dinner, the smells take me,

Out to the kitchen where I see,

Christmas cookies piled high,

And apple, cherry, and pumpkin pie.

There’s a lot to love about Christmas Day,

Presents and family and children at play.

But I’m here to tell you,

The food ranks pretty high too.

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