The RV Chronicles (Chapter 23)

Chapter 23

Written by: (Flash2002)

The guys and gals went outside to wait for their Uber to take them to the waterpark for a fun day of waterslides. They packed extra clothes because when they were done playing at the waterpark, they were going to a mystery dinner theater.

They arrived at the waterpark and the guys parted ways with the girls. Casey and Jamie were going their own way to check out all the hot, wet, shirtless guys.

Griffin waved goodbye, telling the girls not to get in too much trouble, then turned to Nicholas. “Which ones first? The biggest ones?”

“Why don’t you go ride a few of the big ones. I’m going to lay in a tube on the Lazy River and soak up some sun for a little while first,” said Nicholas.

“Well, I suppose, but first we have to put our backpacks in a locker and then I’ll rub the suntan lotion all over your backside for you,” Griff said with a giggle.

“Mmmm, sure thing, Peaches. I definitely don’t want to get a sunburn,” Nicholas said.

They went inside the locker room and locked up their backpacks. Nobody else was around and their locker was in the back corner, so Nicholas took off his shirt and laid face down on the bench. “I’m ready for that suntan lotion, Griff.”

Griff looked down at his boyfriend lying there and he couldn’t help himself. He kissed Nicholas’ neck and gently nibbled on his ear. Then he kissed and licked down to the middle of Nicholas’ back while Nicholas squirmed and moaned beneath him. Griffin sat back up and kind of spaced out a little. He thought to himself, “Have I died and gone to heaven? This beautiful man is all mine. Nicholas is finally my boyfriend, my lover. I must be the luckiest man on the face of the earth.”

Nicholas turned over and stared up at Griffin. “Are you gonna put that lotion on me or just keep staring?”

“Actually, roll over. We have time for a little action,” Griff smirked. “We’re all alone in here. I’ll be quick.”

“No. Wait until later, Peaches. Anyone could walk in, even a kid. I wouldn’t mind being a nudist, but not an exhibitionist.”

“You’re right. Just know how much I want you right now, you sexy beast. I’ll settle for a few more kisses, I guess,” Griffin said as he finally applied the suntan lotion, doing it in the sexiest way possible.

“I love you, snookums. Now go have fun riding the towers,” said Nicholas as he hugged and kissed his daredevil of a man and watched him leave.

Nicholas headed over and grabbed a tube to ride. He floated in the Lazy River as it wound its way around the whole park. He laid on his tummy, so his backside got some sun first.

Meanwhile, Griffin was acting like he was a kid again as he ran up the steps to the tallest of the towers they had. He had to slow down as he got behind some slow people. He thought to himself, as he waited in the slow line, about school. It was frustrating that, just when he was finally getting what he’d wanted all these years, it was happening right when he was about to leave for college. He wanted to go to Ohio State, but right now, he wanted to continue on this journey with Nicholas even more. He shook his head to try and clear his thoughts. For now he would enjoy what he could, while he could.

Griffin got higher up and looked down to see if he could spot Nicholas, but everyone looked like ants from this high up. This was going to be an excellent ride. Finally, it was Griff’s turn and he jumped into the opening in the tube. At first, it was dark and he was going extremely fast! There were lots of twists and turns as the tube wound its way down the hill. He thought he must be going 55 miles per hour! Then he saw a light at the end of the tunnel and, with a big splash, he was in the deep end of a giant pool. Griff whooped out a “Hell, yeah!”

Griff pulled himself out of the pool and looked around at the other waterslides. However, he decided that the only place he wanted to be was with Nicholas. Griffin walked down to the Lazy River and got his own tube. When he found Nicholas, Griff saw that he had dozed off on his tube. Griffin pulled himself onto Nicholas’ tube and got in right behind him and spoke loud enough to wake him, “Hey there, beautiful! I couldn’t stand being without you, so here I am!”

Nicholas jumped and said, “Aww, you didn’t have to come back so soon. Go ride some more waterslides.”

“I’m right where I wanna be. We can ride the towers together after lunch. We should always stay together and maximize our time before August.” Griffin said with a half-frown.

“That’s a deal. Always together,” Nicholas said and turned his head up for a quick kiss. They floated a while longer and then got a quick bite to eat. The guys spotted Casey and Jamie flirting with a table full of guys. “Oh my gosh! Look at them. They’re practically drooling on those guys,” Nicholas laughed.

“I drool over you every time I see you, Boo! And I can’t wait to catch you alone later tonight,” Griff said with a wink.

“Stop it! You’re making me blush, Peaches. Let’s go hit those waterslides!” Nicholas said, stealing another quick kiss and grabbing Griff’s hand. They walked toward the tower waterslides.

The guys rode all the rides together and then decided to hit the wave pool for a while. Suddenly, both girls ran over and told them that they were going to a party they’d been invited to with a bunch of people. “Okay, ladies, but please be safe and watch your drinks at all times. Have fun, but don’t stay out too late” said Nicholas.

“Yes, Daddy Nicholas. Jeez, we’ll be careful. We know everyone from school. They’re really nice, but we promise to be extra careful,” Jamie said with just a hint of attitude.

It was getting late, so Nicholas and Griffin hurried to the locker room to change clothes. “This has been an amazing day together, Boo,” Griff said and jumped in the shower to rinse off the chlorine with Nicholas right behind him.

“I loved every second of it. Now it’s time to get to our next adventure,” said Nicholas as he dried off and got dressed. He looked up as Griffin stepped out of the shower, too. Nicholas let out a wolf whistle. “How come I never ever saw you this way before now. You’re so freaking hot that you send goosebumps all over me, among other things. I’m so lucky that you never gave up on me and now I have you as my main man. I love you so much, Griff.”

“Thanks, Boo, but you’re way hotter than I could ever be,” Griffin smirked and finished getting dressed.

They finished up in the locker room and Nicholas placed the order for an Uber to pick them up. Griffin gathered up their backpacks and made sure he had their tickets for the mystery dinner theater. They walked out of the locker room just as the Uber arrived. They got in and searched their backpacks for the disposable phones they were given when they made the dinner reservations. Everyone in the restaurant could potentially become involved in the production. The show producer would text them with what was about to happen, if it involved them.

The boys talked about what they were about to do and then they arrived at their destination. They paid the driver and scheduled a time for him to return to pick them up. They slowly walked to the door of an enormous mansion. The master of ceremonies welcomed them in and sat them at a table, which had placards with their names on them. About twenty-five people were in the room, including ten stage actors.

“Griff, this dinner looks delicious! Steak, baked potatoes, salad with dandelions, and broccoli with a cheese sauce. Looks like everyone else got white wine, but they gave us the sweet tea and bottled water that we ordered,” said Nicholas.

“I know this is so cool!” Griff replied. As they started eating, the various actors began the drama. A couple of people disappeared. There was yelling and several people left the room in different directions. Griffin got a text message to get up and go to the bathroom. “Hey, Boo, I have to go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back, ok?” Griff said as he left the table.

Nicholas was unaware of the text message that Griffin had received. Screams were heard as the lights went out and a voice yelled out, “Stay calm, everyone. The lights will be right back on.”

Nicholas sat up and looked for Griffin. “Where is he?” Nicholas thought to himself. The lights came back on and then a woman came running into the room with blood all over her dress.

“Please, somebody, help! My husband has been attacked and killed! Please help me!” She screamed and then fainted and fell to the floor.

“Everyone, please remain calm and stay seated. We will lock the doors until the police get here,” a large, burly man said to the group. “Please take notice of who’s missing from the tables.”

“You! Young man, didn’t you come with someone? Where is your friend?” someone yelled to Nicholas.

“He just went to the bathroom, but he hasn’t come back,” Nicholas said hurriedly.

About that time, Griff walked back to the table and sat down. “Uh, what did I miss Nicholas?” Griff asked.

“Only the murder! Jeez! I told you not to leave me!” exclaimed Nicholas.

Nicholas hadn’t seen Griffin read any of the messages from his disposable phone and got excited. “Oh my god! You’re a suspect in this now! This is way cool,” Nicholas said.

For the next hour to hour and a half, the play went on and the boys were trying to figure out who committed the murder. Nicholas looked at Griff’s clothes, and there was a little blood on them. He asked Griffin if he cut himself today at the waterpark. Griff said, “Oh yeah, I scraped my wrist on one of the rides today.”

Things progressed and everyone was asked to write on a piece of paper who they thought committed the murder. Griff guessed Mr. Oberon and Nicholas wrote down Griffin’s name. He deduced that Griffin was indeed a part of the story and the murderer! The big reveal was announced and it was Griffin that committed the murder. The story was that he was jealous of the man and how successful in building a fortune he was while ruining the town. Congratulations were given to Nicholas and one other person who got it right and, with that, the play was over.

“Oh my goodness, Griff! We have to do this again sometime in another city. This was so much fun!” Nicholas exclaimed with joy.

“Yeah, it was awesome and I like how they include everyone in the plot without telling them until the last minute,” Griff said.

They went outside and got into their Uber and called Casey and Jamie to check on them. They decided to stay over at a girlfriend’s house tonight and return to the RV early in the morning. They assured the boys that they were both safe and sound.

“You know what that means, don’t you, babe? It means we have the whole RV to ourselves, all night long,” Griff said with a sexy grin.

“You are so right, Peaches,” Nicholas said and went in for a kiss. They continued to kiss all the way home, and their hands were roaming. Before they noticed that the car had stopped, the driver cleared his throat.

Griffin blushed. “Sorry, dude,” he said to the driver.

“Well, we made it home,” Nicholas laughed nervously. “You pay the driver and I’ll go in and get everything situated.”

As Nicholas disappeared into the RV, Griffin chatted with the driver for a few minutes about the play. Then he paid him and watched him drive off. Griffin turned and went inside the RV to join his boyfriend for a night of fun.

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