The RV Chronicles (Chapter 20)

Chapter 20

Written by: (Flash2002)

“We are sending you on the bus to Washington, DC to see the National Zoo today. Here’s enough money for food and whatever else you may want. After it closes, go to the movies and watch a show and eat dinner. We’ll be at the theater to pick both of you up tonight. Be safe, ladies, and have fun!” Nicholas said.

“Thank you for letting us do this. It’s been a long time since we’ve been allowed to do anything fun. We’re going to the bus now,” Casey said. “See you guys later.”

“We better get a move on so we can fit everything into the schedule I have planned for my sweet boo,” Griff quipped.

“Just wait a few minutes. Come here. We haven’t gotten to kiss and cuddle yet. I missed that today,” Nicholas giggled.

The two kissed and shared affections for a few minutes. Then Nicholas bounced up and headed out the door. Griffin paused for a minute, though. “I have to go to the bathroom. Go ahead outside, and I’ll be right with you, Nicholas.” He was kinda embarrassed at the effect the short make-out session had on him, so he used the bathroom excuse to let things calm down a bit. He had become really excited, and the necessary pause allowed things to return to normal once again.

Back outside, they started their journey for the day. “Where to first today, Griffmeister?” Nicholas laughingly said.

“Keep up with me, and you’ll see. You’re goofy,” he chuckled back. “Griffmeister? Really?”

The boys rode and took in all the different sights and arrived down by the bay at a big store full of everything for surfing. “We’re here. Let’s go inside,” Griffin said with a big smile.

“What are we doing here?” Nicholas asked, puzzled.

“Well, we’re here to buy you your own bodysuit for surfing. I’m not the only one wearing this today,” Griff explained.

“I’m not wearing a wetsuit all day! You look hot in yours, but I’ll look silly, Griff. Why should I wear one of those? We’re only going to be in shallow water today,” Nicholas pleaded.

“Ummmm, I fibbed to you last night. After we visit the museum, we’re going to a surfing training center, and you’re going to be trained by the friend that taught me, Pablo. He’s turned pro and is ripping it up on the Pro Surfing Tour. He’s won many competitions, and I called him since we were here this week. So get ready! I want you feeling confident when we go out on the ocean together.”

“What!?! No way! You’re joking, right?”

“Alright, go try these on, and I’ll be over in a minute,” Griff said.

Nicholas went into the dressing room and started to try the first one on. He looked in the mirror and gasped.

“Come on out. Show me, babe,” Griff shouted.

“Uh, no way! We have a problem, so you come here,” Nicholas said.

“I’m not coming out,” he whispered when Griffin came to the door. “It shows off my package and butt too much! It’s embarrassing!”

Griffin grabbed the door that Nicholas was leaning on and suddenly pulled him out to see how he looked. “O M G, you look hot, babe! Damn, I should be worried because somebody will try to steal you from me!” Griff shouted, causing everyone in the store to look at Nicholas. Some of those people whistled at him.

“I’m gonna hurt you, Griff! But what do you think, seriously?” Nicholas said blushing.

“Try a few more on,” Griffin answered.

After trying on many, the boys picked out a very nice suit. They paid for it, and Griffin made Nicholas put it on.

They proceeded to the Bruce “Snake” Gabrielson’s Surfing Museum and Surf Art Gallery and started looking at all the artwork and surfboards and reading the placards on the history of surfing and how far it had progressed. As a matter of fact, it was now being talked about as a Summer Olympics sport. They lost track of time, but the curator came over and said that their time was up. It was by reservation only right now, and he was leaving for lunch.

“Wow! So much amazing stuff and so little time to see it,” Griff said.

“It is so very awesome, but I’m glad we got to see it today,” Nicholas said. “I’m hungry. Let’s get a bite to eat.”

The boys went to a little bistro and ate a light lunch together, their conversation going from the Casey and Jamie to Pablo to what to expect today in the training session. They cleaned up and headed off to the Pro Surfing Training Center that recently opened up.

“We’re here. Let’s lock up the bikes and head inside,” Griffin said.

Nicholas had grown quiet and followed Griffin inside to the front desk where they were greeted by the receptionist. “Hello, welcome to our facility. How can I help you?”

“We have an appointment with Pablo,” Griff said.

“Oh, hi! Welcome! You’re his VIP guests. He told me all about you, so let me take you to our training area. He’s doing a run in our wave generating machine.”

“Wow! That is so awesome! Look at those waves and tricks he’s doing. OMG, he’s outstanding Griff!” Nicholas said with excitement in his voice. “I’m humbled he would take time to help me. Look at that! Damn, he ripped that wave, and he’s riding the tubes so smoothly.”

“Yeah, he’s terrific and he teaches so well. He was patient with me and let me fail at stuff so that I could feel what it was like. He and I were friends early on, and he has gone on to win a lot of competitions,” Griff said proudly.

Pablo came over and introduced himself to Nicholas and hugged and banged chests with Griff. “What’s up, buddy? How’s life treating you lately? I’m happy to meet your Nicky, finally. The way you described him, I’m not surprised you have become boyfriends.”

“Dude, it’s great to see you. Thanks for helping teach Nicholas some new tricks,” Griff said.

“And now to Nicholas. What are some of your worries about the ocean and surfing?” Pablo asked with a smile. “I’m here to answer your questions and to help you.”

“I’m afraid I have no balance and will fall off and drown, or I’ll crash into some rocks,” Nicholas answered back. “And I’m kinda nervous about sharks eating me alive, or I might lose my board.”

“That’s awesome, you’re way ahead of the game. You’ve let your fears be known, and now we can address them,” Pablo said. “First, we will work on your balance with our simulator. Secondly, that fear of drowning is genuine. Always keep that but keep it under control. Fearing something is often a good thing. Now crashing into rocks and getting a concussion is only possible if you get into the wrong area. Always know your surroundings and avoid areas that can harm you unless you are more experienced. As for sharks, you may see them. The important thing is to not flail around. Most of the time they’re more afraid of us than we are of them, but it can and has happened to surfers. Just observe the area that you surf. Scout it out before starting.”

“Okay, sounds good, but it’ll take some time to feel confident,” Nicholas answered back.

They headed over to the simulator which consisted of a surfboard on a machine. It had virtual reality waves to surf, and it had different levels of difficulty, from beginner to pro expert. Pablo went through the instructions with Nicholas carefully. Then Nicholas laid on the board with something around his leg holding him to the board. That helped him conquer his fear of losing his board out in the deep water. Next, he went through the simulation of paddling out to the waves. Then he moved on to standing up on the board. Nicholas was picking all of this up really well, but it was all computer-based and not real water yet. Next up was balancing on the board and this took him about thirty minutes to feel comfortable with. Last up was turns and where to put his feet on the board to turn it direction-wise. His footwork took about forty minutes with Griffin helping Nicholas by holding his hips and moving with him and guiding him the whole time.

“Okay, now out to the water to put your training to the test. Don’t worry, Griff will be out in the water with me to help you. We’re putting it on beginner speed.”

First, Nicholas paddled out to the waves. He passed that challenge easily and was so excited that he kissed Griffin with such a force that he fell over and was dunked. All of them laughed.

Now for standing up on his board when the waves came. This took a little bit of time to master because Nicholas kept losing his balance but, after a few hard tumbles, Nicholas got this down and was ready to ride some waves.

“Boo, you’re doing so good! I’m so proud of you, and I’m confident you’ll get this down pat, too,” Griffin gushed which made Nicholas smile big.

“Oh, Griff, thank you for doing this for me! I’ve had the best day that I’ve had in a long time. I’m so ready for this part, and then I’ll be ready to surf with you for real! I can’t wait to tell mom about today.”

It took several practice runs before Nicholas got his turns and movements on the surfboard down as Griff shouted instructions on where to go to him. As the boys got out of the water, Pablo high fived Nicholas and told him what a great student he had been. They said their goodbyes as Pablo had to get going to another appointment.

“Thanks, Pablo, so much! It was really fun, and I’m not so scared to go out and do this with Griff now.”

The boys got on their bikes and headed back to the RV.

As they entered the RV, Nicholas got out of his bodysuit and laid back on the sofa. “No, sir! No time for rest. Go get your shower and change into these,” Griffin said.

“What? Babe, I’m tired, and I need a nap badly. You wore me out in training today.”

“Nope, hop to it. I have another surprise for you,” Griff said.

“Fine, but just know I’m exhausted.” Nicholas hurried into the shower and then dressed while Griffin showered.

“Alright, our Uber will be here any minute,” Griffin implored Nicholas to hurry. “Let’s go outside and wait.”

“Alright, already! Geez, such a tease. Now, will you tell me where we’re going?”

“Haha, not yet! That’s for me to know and you to find out,” Griffin teased.

The Uber driver showed up and took them to a very fine dining establishment. The boys ate a romantic candlelit dinner and kissed and played footsies under the table throughout the meal. Hand in hand, they left the restaurant. It was dusk now, and they headed off to their next destination.

“Okay, now I’ll tell you the surprise. I got tickets to an outdoor symphony tonight for both of us. But it’s not just a normal symphony. Queen is there tonight performing all their great music, and I know how you love old-time rock music. Afterward, there’s a fireworks show!” Griff proudly exclaimed.

“Awe, thanks so much!” Nicholas said. “This is so sweet of you, babe!”

They embraced in the back seat, kissing each other with so much love. They arrived at the outdoor theater and took their seats. The conductor came out, and the symphony played a few songs. Then, over the loudspeaker, he announced the special guests of the night, Queen with Adam Lambert.

The crowd went nuts as “Bohemian Rhapsody” played and everyone sang with them. About two hours later, both boys’ voices were cracking, and the fireworks started going off.

“Oh, Griffin, this is one of the best days I’ve ever had! I love you so, so much! Nobody has ever done so much for me,” Nicholas said with tears in his eyes. Nicholas and Griffin kissed a lot during the fireworks and then went out to their Uber that was waiting for them.

With both guys exhausted, they picked up the girls at the movie theater and headed back to the RV. The girls were so tired they passed out before they arrived home. The Uber got them home, safe and sound, and Griffin paid the driver, including a generous tip, and they all thanked him. Casey and Jamie went inside and went right to bed. “Night, guys, talk to you in the morning.”

As Nicholas and Griffin stripped down to their drawers, they wished they were able to get naked and truly share their love together. They were utterly drained, however, so they kissed each other and drifted off to sleep knowing they had another full day ahead of them tomorrow.

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