The Werewolf

The angry mob stormed the street,

With burning torches and stomping feet.

They chased the beast through the town,

Even in buildings, upstairs and down.

He led them on a merry chase,

Never slowing his steady pace.

They finally caught him in the town square,

They saw his body was covered in hair.

The full moon shone down on them all,

They were scared but they could not stall.

They had to kill this fearsome foe,

Before he caused even more woe.

The werewolf howled and snarled at each one,

The leader of the mob drew his gun.

This gun contained a secret or two,

For, when it fired, a silver flash flew.

The silver bullet hit its mark,

And the wolf’s yellow eyes turned dark.

The mob broke up, nothing more to do,

The town now safe for me and you.

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