The RV Chronicles (Chapter 4)

Chapter 4 (Written by Phoenix2020)

Strolling down the beach, Nicholas was beginning to feel not a little apprehensive as he and Cody moved further away from the comforting bonfire into the darkness. Sensing Nicholas’ nervousness, Cody took his hand, threading his fingers through. Cody needed to calm Nicholas, but subtlety had never been one of his attributes. He suddenly stopped and not so gently pulled Nicholas down onto the still-warm sand.

“Uh … what? Why are we stopping?”

“So, I can do this,” Cody purred as he took Nicholas’ soft, sun-tinged cheeks into each of his rough palms and leaned in.

As unfamiliar as this was for Nicholas, he simply could not resist the lure of Cody’s delicious lips. He closed his eyes, silently giving permission, and felt the pleasure of sharing his lips with another. Nicholas never knew that one could actually feel a kiss throughout his entire body, but this intimacy was creating tingles and stirrings all over and it was quite pleasant, to say the least!

As Nicholas was wondering how he’d managed to graduate high school without ever experiencing such exquisiteness, Cody slid his right hand slowly underneath the hem of his t-shirt while cradling the back of Nicholas’ head with his left, never backing off and, actually, more forcefully devouring Nicholas’ willing mouth. The insistent battle playing out with their tongues had Nicholas thanking the sea of stars above that it was relatively dark, as his compass was pointing due north.

Cody broke the lip lock just long enough to free Nicholas’ shirt from his body before diving back in for more. Nicholas felt Cody’s hand slide back down the side of his neck to rest on his left pec, fingertips playfully teasing his nipple to attention. OH, JIMINY CHRISTMAS … that felt good! The juices were starting to flow as Cody continued his trek south, bypassing the belly button, on a non-stop trek for the south pole. As Cody’s hand slipped beneath his waistband, Nicholas suddenly shoved Cody back and jumped up in one quick motion.

“What the fuck?”

Breathing heavily, Nicholas tried to make sense of all the emotional chaos that was tripping through his head. Why had he done that? It felt heavenly, like nothing he’d ever felt before … but something just wasn’t right.

“Uh, … I’m sorry!”

“I thought you were into this. You were definitely giving as much as you were receiving and, by the looks of that, you were quite up for more!”

“I … uh … just need to slow down a bit. I mean we’ve known each other for a hot second and … I don’t know … just slow down, OK?”

Not the least bit interested in “slowing down”, Cody grabbed Nicholas by the shoulders and had him down on the sand before Nicholas realized what had happened. With one hand firmly on Nicholas’ collarbone, he made quick work of Nichalas’ swim trunks and underwear with the other. Nicholas struggled to free himself from Cody’s grasp, but the shorts around his knees were working against his efforts. Nicholas cried out as a shadow flew across his limited vision and suddenly Cody’s weight disappeared.

As he quickly pulled his trunks and underwear up, Nicholas realized that the “shadow” was his best friend in the world, Griffin and Griffin was now tumbling and pummeling Cody with every ounce of adrenaline-fueled energy he possessed. Vicious snarls and grunts, along with a few choice words were loudly emanating from the melee, as well. Nicholas was screaming for the two combatants to stop when two more participants dove in, severely tipping the scales against Griffin. Unable to just stand by and watch Griff be mauled by the other three, Nicholas weakly and cluelessly began to lash out at them, too, but they all froze in place at the sound of the gunshot.

“OK, boys. Now that I have your attention, how about you three plant your asses down right there,” the Sheriff said, pointing at Cody, Mason, and Marcus. “You two step over there with my deputy.”

Shaking visibly from the events of the last three minutes, Nicholas and Griffin followed the deputy about 15 yards away from the others.

“Relax, guys. We’ve been on the trail of those three for over a week now. They’ve been spotted on security cameras in at least six different businesses permanently borrowing items without bothering to pay for them. Unfortunately for them, when they parked their camper in the Wal-Mart parking lot this afternoon, the security camera had a clear shot of their license plate and it was easy enough to check local campground registrations to locate them.”

“A-are we getting arrested?” Griffin stammered.

“No, you were seen very clearly on the store cameras, as well. We know that you had nothing to do with the larceny. I am curious, though, as to how you ended up brawling with them tonight.”

“Mason said they followed us when we left Wal-Mart. Then they invited us to a bonfire beach party, got us separated and … well … things got out of hand, you could say,” Griffin explained.

“Well, it’s late but we need both of you to come down to the station in the morning to make statements.”

Nicholas, finally finding his voice, said, “We’re traveling, actually, and were heading north up The Outer Banks tomorrow. Do we need to stay after we make our statements?”

“No. We’ll get your contact information, but the case against those three is iron-clad. I’m sure your signed statements will be more than adequate. Then you can be on your way.”

“So … uh … can we go now?”

“Of course, and please be careful about who you hang out with. You got lucky this time.”

As Nicholas and Griffin headed slowly back up the beach, Griff smacked Nicholas solidly on the back of the head. “What the what was that for!?!”

“What the hell were you thinking wandering off with that guy? The deputy was right. You got lucky. That could’ve ended very badly!”

A tear made its slow descent down Nicholas’ cheek as he thought about what could have happened. “No one’s ever paid attention to me like … that … before. It was flattering. It felt good … until it didn’t. Thank you, Griffin.”

Griffin put his arm around his friend, and they made their way home.

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