The RV Chronicles (Chapter 3)

Chapter 3 (Written by KenW9270)

The new guy smiled a broad welcoming smile. “That makes me very happy. I’m always excited to meet new and interesting people. I bet you two have quite a story to tell traveling alone in an RV. By the way, my name is Cody.” He put his arm around Nicholas’ shoulders and led him down the beach.

“Nice to meet you, Cody. I’m Nicholas and this,” He motioned towards Griffin, “is my best friend, Griffin.”

Griffin trailed behind Nicholas and Cody as they walked down the beach. He knew it was his own fault that they were going, but now he was not happy about it. He was especially not happy with the casual way that Cody’s hands were all over Nicholas. First his arm was around Nicholas’ shoulders but now he had his hand right in the small of Nicholas’ back leading him towards a small bonfire on the beach.

They reached the fire and Griff caught Nicholas’ eye and mouthed, “You ok?” And motioned toward Cody.

Nicholas shrugged slightly and mouthed back, “Yeah. He seems cool.”

Griffin scowled as he watched Cody sit next to Nicholas, practically hovering a few scant inches from him. Griff gave a resigned sigh and turned to see who else was here. He saw two presumably straight couple and then his eyes widened in surprise. Before he could decide whether or not to approach them, the two boys in his line of sight smiled at him, walked over, and sat on either side of him.

The one to his right brushed a lock of unruly black hair out of his emerald green eyes and smiled a smile that could melt an iceberg. “You recognize us, don’t you?”

Griff stuttered, “You’d be hard to forget. But, yeah, Wal-Mart. You get anything good?”

“We got everything that Cody sent us in to get. Then we followed you and… is he your boyfriend? Didn’t sound like it from your banter, but ya never know.”

“No. He’s my best friend. Not boyfriend. How about him? He your boyfriend? Or Cody?”

“Nope. I’m a single Pringle who is definitely ready to mingle. I’m Mason and that’s my little brother Marcus. He has the hots for Cody, but that’s one thing Cody won’t do. He won’t touch Marcus until he turns eighteen.”

Marcus groaned from behind Griffin. “I’m almost sixteen for crying out loud. We steal for him almost every day. It’s not like I’d turn him in for having sex.”

Griffin’s eyes never left Mason. “How old are you?’

“Turned eighteen two weeks ago. You?”

“I’ll be nineteen in January.”

“Did I hear your friend call you Griffin?”

“Oh, yeah, sorry. I’m Griffin.”

Mason leaned in so his body was pressed right up against Griff and his lips were almost touching Griff’s ear when he whispered, “Well, Griffin, do you wanna go for a walk and get away from prying eyes. Those beautiful blue eyes of yours are already telling me yes.”

Griff stuttered again, “Uh-uh let me just tell Nicholas so he doesn’t worry.”

“Your friend took off with Cody like ten minutes ago, dude. Let’s go.”

Griff stood up so quick that Mason was knocked over onto his back. “What? Which way did they go? Where are they?”

“Dude, what the hell.” Mason said, standing up and brushing the sand off his clothes. “They probably had the same idea I did. Off in some secluded spot getting it on. They went that way.”

“No way. Not Nicholas. I have to go find him.” Griff said and ran off in the direction that Mason pointed.

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