The Biggest Bully

Tears flow down his lonely face,

always feeling so out of place.

The boy sits in the back of class,

praying for time to quickly pass.

The bell rings, he flies out the door,

avoiding bullies is such a chore!

Around the corner, the boy did flee

but to his dismay, this he did see.

Blocking the hallway, trying to look cool,

stood the biggest bully in all the school.

The boy looked left and then to the right,

there didn’t appear to be help in sight.

Then the boy did the most unexpected thing,

right there in the hallway, he started to sing.

A crowd quickly formed filling up that hall,

his singing was applauded by one and all.

He sang about bullies, and the people they fight.

He brought the darkness into the light.

The bully listened close to the words in the song,

and suddenly realized that what he did was wrong.

The bully slunk away from that tearful scene,

Vowing that day to no longer be mean.

Music won the heart of the biggest bully in school,

and as for the boy, his rep changed from boring to cool.

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