The Bully

The bully made an angry sound,

Looking at the boy on the ground.

The boy stood up and faced his foe,

With blackened eye and a broken toe.

The bully began talking trash,

About the bones that he would smash.

The boy tried to use his brain,

To make the bully stop causing pain.

The bully, again, swung his fist,

The boy ducked, the bully missed.

The boy looked at the bully and said,

Why can’t you just use your head?

Every day you fight with us,

Even when we don’t cause a fuss.

Someday the tide will turn,

Before that time, you better learn.

You’ll get farther with your brain,

Than by causing so much pain.

The bully didn’t know what to say,

So, he punched the boy and stormed away.

The boy shook his head and rubbed his jaw,

Not believing what he saw.

The bully returned, reached out his hand,

Helping the boy to once more stand.

Tears streaked the bully’s face,

As he began to quickly pace.

The bully began talking fast,

In fear that his courage wouldn’t last.

I don’t want to fight with you,

But it is all I know to do.

You may think this very strange,

But I truly want to change.

Will you please be my friend?

And help my evil ways to end?

The boy grinned and said he would.

Glad this day turned out good.

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