The Train Ride

The train whistle blows all night long,

Singing such a sad and lonely song.

I ride the rails here and there.

I think I’ve been everywhere.

Most days I travel all alone,

then a message appeared on my phone.

“I’m on the train, the one that you

said you ride. Car twenty-two.”

I read the message, then read it again,

it was my favorite internet friend.

I walked up to him, squealed in delight,

then I hugged him, oh so tight.

He has curly hair and steel grey eyes,

and a smile that can mesmerize.

We talked all night and into the day,

I ask him how long that he will stay.

He said with sadness, “Alas, I cannot.

I can’t stay for long in this spot.

There is another I’m looking to meet,

someone else I’m looking to greet.”

With that, I knew where his journey would end,

and I wished good luck to my internet friend.

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