The Love of a Mother

I love my mom, this I know.

Her love for me is greater though.

As a kid, I’d laugh and play,

Having fun all through the day.

Then one day I broke a bone,

On her face, teardrops shone.

Near my bed, in a chair,

I opened my eyes and saw her there.

She held my hand and wiped my face,

She prayed for the pain to erase.

I’m more grown now and I know,

A mother’s love is more than show.

Even though I said one day,

I told my mom that I was gay.

My mom turned and said to me,

She didn’t care what I may be.

She said that I am still her son,

And any who hurt me better run.

She’ll protect me wrong or right,

For me, a bear she would fight.

I try my best to be good, not bad.

I want my mom to be always glad.

Call her mom, protector, or friend,

A mother’s love will never end.

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