The Evil Mage

The noonday sky as dark as night.

Nary a sun or star in sight.

Every head turned toward the sky.

We all thought we might soon die.

Where did the bright sun go?

When will new light begin to show?

An evil mage made his claim.

For the darkness, he took the blame.

He set out to rule the land.

With a plan that’s bold and grand.

He led his army to secure his rule.

To oppose him, you’d be a fool.

The mage’s power continued to grow.

But signs of resistance began to show.

The darkened sun showed new light.

The knights of old rejoined the fight.

The sun’s bright light, shining in the dark,

Strengthened that small rebellious spark.

A bright blue sky now held sway.

The mage’s army was swept away.

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