The Easter Bunny

The young boy crawled out of bed,

Thoughts of candy filling his head.

Through his door, then down the hall,

He’d search until he’d found it all.

Trying not to wake up mom and dad,

He didn’t want them to think him bad.

He snuck quietly past the big T.V.

Then what did his shocked eyes see?

Standing by dad’s favorite chair,

He saw a giant six-foot hare.

The Easter Bunny! He could not deny.

The boy knelt down and started to cry.

He felt a warm hand on his back,

A soft voice said, “Don’t cry, Jack.”

Jack looked up through tear-filled eyes.

“I did not know, I just did not realize.

I always thought that you were a big fake,

And they hid things when I wasn’t awake.”

The Bunny cocked his head to the left then right,

He smiled a broad smile, his eyes twinkling bright.

“Jack, you know that’s not completely true,

If you didn’t believe, I couldn’t be seen by you.

You’re at an age where you want to look grown,

But you still believe in what can’t be shown.”

Jack hugged the Bunny oh so tight,

Then said, “I’ll never forget this night.

I won’t give up on what I know is real,

No matter how others make me feel.

The Easter Bunny will always be a big part,

Of the love and faith that I keep in my heart.

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