Forever Love

There’s this guy that I know,

Who causes my face to glow.

My heart skips many a beat,

My body feels like fire’s heat.

Thinking back to the day we met,

I’d never known true love yet.

That day I just thought him nice,

My heart was trapped in frigid ice.

I thought I only wanted a friend,

But thoughts of others began to end.

My frozen heart, still wrapped in chains,

Of a lost love that caused much pain.

Then one day he pulled me near,

And whispered something in my ear.

I looked at him with questioning eyes,

His smiling face held no disguise.

His desire was plain to see,

He leaned in, gently kissed me.

He held me close, hands on my hips,

Heat spread through me from his lips.

My icy heart melted, the chains fell away,

I knew in his arms is where I would  stay.

In that moment, I instantly knew,

Now until forever, I’ll never be blue.

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