The King

Screams of terror filled the air,

chaos reigned at the county fair.

Dragon fire burned each place,

even many a helpless face.

The dragon rampaged through the town,

knocking every building down.

The people tried their best to flee,

but many never ever got free.

Then one boy stood to fight,

he did not fear the dragon’s might.

The boy looked, and he finally found,

a bow and arrows upon the ground.

He picked up the bow, dropped to one knee,

pulled back an arrow and let it fly free.

The arrow flew just like a dart,

and struck the dragon in the heart.

The dragon fell right to the ground,

never making another sound.

The townspeople could now return,

and try to save what did not burn.

The town, once small, now grew and grew,

becoming a town that everyone knew.

Though the boy did not seek fame,

a king is what he soon became.

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